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Hagler Vs Leonard revisited by 10 TTR judges part5
Round 9 revisited by the 10 TTR judges:

Marvelous Marvin Hagler Vs Sugar Ray Leonard round 9

LURKYSHAKA: 10-9 Leonard
Very tough round to score. Leonard looks good early, but then looks fatigued as Hagler pours on the pressure. Hagler seems to be controlling the round with pressure but not really landing anything clean. Leanard fights back in bursts and lands clean hard combinations in retaliation. Very tight round, but Leonard bursts nick it for him as both look arm weary at the end.

BIZKIT: 10-9 Hagler
Impressive round by both, Ray had the nice flurries, But Hagler dominated the other 2:15 of the round

LAGAIDH: 10-9 Leonard

They start out trading here and there. Leonard is getting in the cleaner shots. On the inside it looks like Hagler's punches are slower. Leonard is crisp. Hagler is trying to work on the ropes, but Leonard slips some. Now Hagler is turning up the heat, wow here comes Leonard fighting off the ropes. They meet in the center of the ring and Leonoard lets him have it- again at the ropes! Hagler bulls him to the ropes again but seems to tired to make anything of it. Ray gets to look sensational with rapid fire flurries. 30 secs to go. They both seem weary now, Hagler moreso. Wow here comes Ray with another stinging flurry. I have to give this to Leonard. He out hustled and out willed Hagler that round. Fantastic Queen Latifah CoverGirl commercial- I'm pumped and lucious for round 10...

QUICKSLICK: 10-9 Leonard
Leonard scoring combos after combos, very fast hands, but Hagler had his moments, mauling Leonard halfway but Leonard comes back scoring with the best effective combos I have ever seen, Hagler is not letting up but Leonard's magnificent combos makes him win rounds.

ERISON: 10-10 Even
both guys had their best round, SRL boxed beautifully, Hagler brawled beautifully

GUYSTA: 10-9 Hagler
It seems Leonard got his second wind in this round. He throws some crazy fast combos.....he just can't hurt Hagler! Hagler keeps coming forward and punching too. Leonard throws 3-4 punches and Hagler comes back with 5-6. The difference in handspeed is outragous for Leonard though. In the end, Hagler NEVER STOPPED THROWING the entire round and landed more clean punches while Leonard was trying to recoup for another one of his nasty combos. It was the best round of the fight imo. And the combos by Leonard, coupled by the crowd, could have led one to think Leonard won the round. But I felt Hagler's persistance and constant punching paved the way.

this was a close round early. Both men were exhausted and showed a ton of heart in this round. i though Leonard made the mistake of trying to trade with hagler and sat on the ropes far too much. His combinations were largely just flash and were caught by the gloves of hagler. Very entertaining round but the effectiveness was all haglers.

CEELOWSBACK: 10-9 Hagler
WOOOHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! The hand speed by Leonard(combos!!)!! The precision power punching done by Hagler..GREAT RD!!!
Haglers hits did more damage in that one.

RASTA666: 10-9 Leonard
This was the toughest to score. I gave it to Leonard this time but if I watch this fight next week it could go to Hagler.

A brawl of a round. Both men throwing many nice bombs. Whereas Leonard threw intermittent quickfire combos, Hagler consistently threw and landed throughout the round. Leonard's work was eye-catching but it neither hurt nor deterred Hagler from coming forward. Hagler landed more accurately and consistently.

Round 10 revisited by the 10 TTR judges:

Marvelous Marvin Hagler Vs Sugar Ray Leonard round 10

LURKYSHAKA: 10-9 Hagler
Lots of missed punches by both men. Leonard lands some eye catching punches but Haglers steadier pressure earns him the round.

BIZKIT: 10-9 Leonard
Good round for Ray,more active than the past rounds, landed far more shots than Marvin, Hagler really slow this round

LAGAIDH: 10-9 Hagler
Messy start. Leonard lands a straight shot. He's back to gliding. Hagler throws a series of mean hooks and some land- now straights to the head. Leonard throws a stiff shot at the ropes and glides away. Hagler follows. They get to the ropes again but Leonard swerves away. Ooo in a clinch Hagler lets Ray have it in uppercuts. Ray showboats and earns a sweeping hard right for his troubles. They're both tired but Hagler is putting more hurt on Ray right up to the bell. Hagler did more damage even if Ray looked busier in spots.

QUICKSLICK: 10-9 Hagler
Leonard had heavy hands in the 10th, Hagler profiting on that, close round once again but scored it for Hagler for effective uppercuts on the inside while in the clinch.

ERISON: 10-9 Hagler
Hagler is great when in close, landing good hooks and uppercuts

GUYSTA: 10-10 Even
Hardest round of the fight to score imo. Both fighters landed great shots and it was the only time where it appeared Leonards punches were effecting Hagler as much as Haglers were effecting Leonard. It is amazing to see Hagler throw so many damn punches! The guy never stops!

Goodness I cant decide who won this round. srl had his moments (see 1:23) and hagler persisted and stayed busier while ray fought in spots. Neither were wildly effective in this round. but I`ll call it Hagler 10-9 for pressuring and staying busier. Either way nothing definitive.

CEELOWSBACK: 10-9 Hagler
Consistent attack won Hagler the rd. Leonard had his moments, but Haglers pressure had him more on the defensive.

RASTA666: 10-9 Hagler
Leonard fighting as if he knows he has the judges. Hagler fighting as if he knows this also now.

Leonard wins this one, but makes it hard for himself. Hagler still marauding forward, but Leonard landing the crisper, cleaner blows.
Article By: Astor & TTR judges team