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Hagler Vs Leonard revisited by 10 TTR judges part6
Round 11 revisited by the 10 TTR judges:

Marvelous Marvin Hagler Vs Sugar Ray Leonard round 11

LURKYSHAKA: 10-9 Leonard

Hagler slow to oull trigger on his punches as Leonard can see finish line in sight and lands nice flurries and looks confident. Leonard appears in control at this point.

BIZKIT: 10-9 Leonard

Much like the last round for Ray, Hagler chaces him all round and gets tagged over and over

LAGAIDH: 10-9 Leonard

Ray seems so tired, Hagler too, but starting out Hagler huffs and puffs and gets in some hard work. Hagler continues to follow and throw. No answer from Ray yet. Ray throws a lazy combo, Hagler drapes on him. Half way point. Hagler getting in mean shots on the ropes. Ray throws a super flurry of light shots and slides away. Now Ray taunts and pot shots. Ray lands a sharp 1-2. Hagler smacks the shit out of him. 20 seconds. Ray throws flashy, Hagler lands hard uppercut. Tough round. Do you like Ray's flash or Hagler's pressing? I think Ray may have out hustled Hagler in that round with more landed shots even though they do less damage.

QUICKSLICK: 10-9 Leonard

Leonard is back at his right-left hook combo that has been effective throughout the fight, Leonard slightly wobbled Hagler in this round, Leonard was effective once again in the second half of the fight, strong finish by Hagler but Sugar was spectacular.

ERISON: 10-9 Leonard

Leonard's movement bothers Hagler, he's following

GUYSTA: 10-9 Leonard

Great round for Leonard. He is consistantly beating Hagler to the punch in this round and throwing some GREAT combos for this late in the fight and his looking like a beaten soldier just a few rounds earlier. Hagler is the one who looks tired in this round and he can't cut the ring of because of it. Easy round to score for Leonard imo

FIGHTFANATIC: 10-9 Leonard

srl dominated the tempo and spacing and looked refreshed in this round. hagler could not get off in this round. srl`s speed was a major factor in this round.

CEELOWSBACK: 10-9 Leonard

leonard made him miss and hit him w/ some good shots, tried to put on a show in that one but Hagler never let him.

RASTA666: 10-9 Leonard

Leonard controls this round on all levels and is cocky doing it.


Leonard is faster for sure. But unsuccesfully. Hagler's defence is terrific in this round, parrying most of Leonard's best work. Marvin's inside work is equally impressive - outgunning the handspeed of SRL.

Round 12 revisited by the 10 TTR judges:

Marvelous Marvin Hagler Vs Sugar Ray Leonard round 12

LURKYSHAKA: 10-9 Hagler

Tight round. leonard landed eye catching bursts and showboated but Hagler that bit busier throughout. Hagler takes the round.

BIZKIT: 10-9 Hagler

Landed good punches, Ray had 1 1/2 Flurris, then ran the rest of the round

LAGAIDH: 10-9 Hagler

Hagler starts us off with a hard hook. Ray throws a light combo and runs. Hagler is forced to follow and Ray pops him on the way in. Hagler mauls with some body hooks. Ray talks and moves. Ray throws a light combo. Hagler lands a couple left hooks but misses a third. Hagler traps Ray on the ropes, Ray throws a flurry and runs. Ray is just running now, he thinks he's already won. Halfway mark. Clinch. Hagler gets him to the ropes again but can't leave his mark on Ray. Ray throws a pot shot and runs. Clinch and Hagler hammers the ribs. He works the head. Ray explodes with a combo and runs. On the ropes again, Hagler trying to work the body no oomph to his shots. Ray is the same way and reels with exhaustion. Hagler presses- BELL! I give this round to Hagler. He tried to make the fight and when he landed it was more damaging. Ray was laying the blueprint for Oscar de la Hoya's last three rounds versus Tito Trinidad.

QUICKSLICK: 10-9 Leonard

Now this is where Leonard nailed this fight, controlling the jab, moving well from side to side, Hagler confused Ray for a moment by switching from Orthodox to southpaw, the best combo of the fight really nailed the victory for Sugar, an 18-punch combo plus another 6-punch combo makes him look good, Leonard fought his heart and soul in this round and I can't see how I could've scored that for Hagler.

ERISON: 10-9 Leonard

Hagler couldn't deal with Leonard's footwork, too slow

GUYSTA: 10-9 Hagler

Don't know what the fuck the announcers are talking about and certainly don't know what the fuck SRL is doing giving the round away!?! Hagler is coming forward and trying to engage, but Leonard is running. He tries to stop a few times to get off some shots, but Hagler is more than ready and gets the better of most of these occassions. SRL gave the round away.......and didn't even consider trying to win it.

FIGHTFANATIC: 10-9 Leonard

man from 1:40-1:30 srl ran. That said I still thought his flurries here were enough to pull out the round because hagler was not able to find srl at all in this round.

CEELOWSBACK: 10-9 Hagler

Like many in this fight...close rd. Hagler kept the pressure and was fighting 'till the final bell.

Ray's amazing brusts were'nt enough IMO.

RASTA666: 10-9 Hagler

Hagler in a last ditch effort to close.


Leonard by a whisker. Applying the hit-and-run-away strategy would have worked better for Leonard had he adopted it for the entire match. He won this round by landing the cleaner shots on the outside and out-pacing Hagler when trapped on the ropes. Hagler's defence had nullyfied Leonard's handspeed for most of the middle rounds, but Leonard this time wasn't there to be hit.
Article By: Astor & TTR judges team