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Hagler Vs Leonard revisited by 10 TTR judges Conclusion
Here are the conclusions of our 10 TTR judges following their scoring of each round of the fight.

LURKYSHAKA: Totals 114-114......a Draw

Summary.....I think it was a razor close fight which could have gone either way. Hagler did the steadier work throughout the fight but was unimpressive and ineffective for large portions of the bout. While Leonard was patchy in his efforts but very impressive in bursts.
Many rounds tough to score as Hagler was generally more consistent, but Leonard more accurate and landing the cleaner shots in spells. Hagler steady but lacking in accuracy while Leonard picked his spots to to be effective.
Ring generalship a key area and hard to pick a boss in this department, Hagler kept pressing but was controlled in parts and fell for Leonards trickery at times. Leonard was tired at times, but he hid it with double bluffs where he pretended to be exausted to fool Hagler into thinking he was playing possum. Leonard in these moments was truly knackered but he kidded Hagler out of taking advantage. Ultimately Leonard got into Haglers head in the fight and fooled him.
A solid argument can be made for either man, but i don't think Hagler has a real right to be bitter as he came into the fight with a poor attitude trying to prove some kind of point and Leonard got a solid foothold. The only real black eye was the outrageous 118-110 scorecard.

BIZKIT: 114-114 Draw
Too bad they didnt go 15.

LAGAIDH: 115-113 for Sugar Ray Leonard
7 rounds to 5, 115-113 for Sugar Ray Leonard This is the score and the outcome I come up with most of the time I watch this match. I have scored a draw before, and a 7-5 win for Hagler. But the score I have this time is my most common. Sorry for the novel. Hope you enjoyed it.

QUICKSLICK: Leonard wins 116-112
I like to score effective blows and like to see combos landed and that's what Leonard done throughout the fight, it was not an easy fight to score but it was not the hardest, Sugar moved very well and avoided alot of Hagler's onslaught

ERISON: 116-113 Leonard

GUYSTA: 7 rounds to 4 for Hagler
In the end I had it 7 rounds to 4 for Hagler with one even! I honestly don't remember this fight playing out like this. I always felt it was a lot closer than what I just watched and I actually thought Leonard won it years ago. But watching this fight now, I am convinced Hagler deserved the W. He just outworked the showboating with a great body attack that slowed SRL down to his speed on his feet. Leonard couldn't keep him off of him and when he tried to stop the tide by clinching.......... Hagler never stopped throwing body shots in these clinches. It was almost a shame that the ref stopped the action in these situations because Hagler was still throwing and landing and he wasn't the one holding! There are a few points I would like to make about the shamockery of announcing during this fight. Gil Clancey couldn't even see the fight with SRL balls deep in his mouth! This guy was pushing a SRL upset from the opening bell! They hadn't even thrown a punch and he was questioning Haglers aproach and ballyhooing Leonards "mind games". And how many times did he make the statement "look at how slow Hagler is"........... only to watch Hagler land 2-3 punches within seconds of this bias ass commentating!! And Tim Ryan wasn't much better with his allowing Clancy to change his mind on what he was seeing. Before the tenth round, Tim Ryan made a pretty telling statement about the way he felt the fight was going and the way he wanted it to go. He said "It is going to be hard for the judges to seperate what they admire from this fight from WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING". WTF? This jerkoff then goes on to say he has the fight 5-4-1 for Hagler after the the 10th round, only to say "WE HAVE LEONARD AHEAD" after the 11th! BULLSHIT!!!

This was a fight of substance vs. style. Hagler at times looked slow and ploding and was unable to get off his punches in time. while leonard looked younger and more fluid with his combinations to both the body and head. While most of leonards work was eye catching and impressively fast, hagler worked the body and on inside threw powerful shots. Though not as flashy as Leonard we can see the effectiveness of the punches as Leonard was on his bike early and in the later rounds he clearly did not have the legs he had early on, due in large part to the powerful body work done early on by hagler. So if there is one truth about this fight its that. Hagler had more effect on leonard than leonard did on hagler.

So i have it 6-5 for hagler with one round missing. this could easily be a draw or hagler win. Its a tough fight to call and can see either side. honestly the first time i watched it i had hagler winning. this time i have a draw or win for hagler, so i'm at least somewhat consistant have long held that leonards flash and lack of power were not enough to take Haglers title. So after watching it again i still see hagler with the win or at the very least a draw. so this IMO does qualify as a robbery because hagler sadly lost his belt in this fight.

my father in law always says a man "should have to TAKE the belt from the champ." In this case Ray showed he can hang with Hagler and deserved to be in the ring (even at the higher weight) with the champ, but IMO that's all he did. Showed that he belonged in there, but not that he was better than the champ. I still hold that he did not TAKE the belt from the champ. He was given the belt by the judges.

CEELOWSBACK: 115-113 Hagler

Dam its a draw. Leonard did not deserve to leave with the tin. It was closer than I scored it in the past but Leonard imo did not take it.

UNDERWEARTAKER: 115-114 Leonard

Its interesting to note that TTR judges were pretty much agreeing on all rounds. Most of the time, all judge were agreeing or maybe only one giving the round to the opposite fighter. Only for round 3, Hagler got 7 votes, Leonard 2 and 1 judge scored it a draw; and also round 12, 6 votes for Hagler and 4 votes for Leonard. So probably if some rounds need to be further discussed , it would be these two. This again opens the debate on which aspects of the fight should be tabulated to determine who wins the round.
Article By: Astor & TTR judges team