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Joachim Alcine Vs Travis Simms phone presser
A phone press conference was held june 25th. This conference was organised by Don King to promote the fight between Joachim Alcine (28-0-0 18KOs) and Travis Simms (25-0-0 19KOs).

Before that conference, Simms stated at many times that he had nerves of steal. Well it took only 20 seconds to alcine to get Simms beserk.

Joachim Alcine:
"Simms, you pretend to be a great world champion, you pretend to be the boxer to unify the titles at 154 pounds... Well you dreaming my friend!!!! Youll be champ of nothing when ill be finished with you on july 7th!"

Travis Simms:
"Alcine, youve beaten noobody notable yet, so what makes you think youll make me go through hell on july 7th? You built a winning record by fighting average fighters in your home town, but now, youre about to fight a world champion in his home town, in front of all his fans, youre in over your head!!"

Joachim Alcine:
"Simms, i saw you boxed against rivera, and you havent impressed me at all. All youve done that night is beat an intimidated and passive boxer. You ahve a very good straight left, but thats all. I am a complete boxer!! On july 7th, boxing fans will see the difference between a unidimensional boxer like you and a multidimensional boxer like me."

Travis Simms:
"Youll end the night sleeping on the mat. You wont even see the ninth round. I saw you on film, youve just passed the amateur level of boxing."

Joachim Alcine:
"Youre beleiving your own lies, and that is sad. You wont be able to KO me, ill KO you. I have strenght, power, technic, stamina and more ring intelligence and all these aspects will enable me to give you the worst beating of your life. Youll remeber that boxing lesson for a while. Your fans will scream my name after the fight. ill be the one unifying those titles. Youll get back home empty handed. Youre saying youre in the best shape of your life?? No problem!! ill just get rid of you in the fifth instead of the fourth..."

Joachim Alcine Vs Stephane Oullet

Bobby Goodman, director or public relations for Don King promotions couldnt beleive how much animosity these two had for each other. Simms and Alcine are two boxer known for staying very calm, but in this case, it was the total opposite.

Bobby Goodman:
"I just dont want to imagine what it will look like when the first bell will ring. If both fighters only transpose in the ring the tenth of their aggression toward seach other, we might have the fight of the year!"

Alcine really laughed out loud when Simms told him that Joachim never had faced real opposition. Alcine told the press that Javier Mamani was i his opinion a superior fighter to Simms.

Joachim Alcine (blue trunks) Vs Javier Mamani

Alcine is well prepared for lefties, he worked and sparred with huge super middleweight lefties in the gym, Renan St-Juste and Adonis Stevenson.

Renan St-Juste Vs Christopher Henry

Adonis Stevenson

"If Simms think he will hurt me with his straight left on july 7th, he is mistaken. I am the best at making miss this shot, i developped several skills in my previous years of training with lefty Otis Grant."

Otis Grant Vs Librado Andrade
Article By: Astor