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Hatton Vs Castillo review
Ricky Hatton looked to be in marvelous shape for Saturdays contest as did Castillo. Did the fight meet all expectations? No. Reason being, Ricky Hatton. The English and their chanting was simply awh inspiring and sent goose bumps up this fans spine. Ricky responded leaving no stone unturned.

Round 1 started off with a fair bit of clinching and a fair bit of bias from the sad and antiquated Hbo crew flanked by what seemed to be a scripted teleprompter Max Kellerman. Hattons hand speed was evident right from the opening bell and of course the Hbo crew straight away claimed Castillo to be shot rather than credit the man in Hatton as being simply better. This round was not hard to score and appeared to be simple work for Hatton who's strength and hand speed were brilliant.

Round 2 was all about Castillo trying to clinch Hatton. It was in the round and early where it became obvious that Ricky would be unstoppable and that Castillo let the beast off his chain. The body attack by Ricky was already taking its toll. Castillo was unable to counter as Hatton was not their. Ricky was landing combos and doubling the left to the body and uppercuts. Castillo was hurt in this round.

Round 3 had Hatton at a blistering pace. He would have railroaded anyone in the 140's on this night. His hand speed was simply incredible and he boxed beautifully when ever the distance was made. Again it is Castillo trying to clinch not Hatton which the Hbo crownies got wrong the entire fight. Rickys transitional game from in and out was striking as he landed in triple time. Once again Ricky's body work was sealing the deal.

Round 4 Castillo had a look on his face to start this round of both disbelief and discouragement. He simply could not believe who this man was. The body shots were once again crackling and Castillo decided to go low. Their was no warning by Cortez who promptly took a point away. The end came for Castillo at 2:16 with him resembling a battered and beaten man. To the canvas he rests and from the canvas he does not rise.

Bring on Floyd!
Article By: Rasta666