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May 26th German Card Results
May 26th, another great German card was presented at the Jako-Arena in Bamberg featuring undefeated Marco Huck against also undefeated power puncher Vadim Tokarev, the comeback of Arthur Abraham following his broken jaw, and heavyweight talent Alexander Povetkin. This was simply a great boxing card!

Undefeated Cruiserweight German prospect Marco Huck (18-0-0 14KOs) was fighting undefeated KO artist Vadim Tokarev (23-0-1 16KOs) for the IBF Cruiserweight title mandatory in what promised to be a great exciting fight. Huck is a hyped up fighter in Germany with a huge body frame, really imposing. He has decent hand speed, and good stamina. His main attributes are his strenght , his reach and his size, he normaly imposes his pace, and dictates the fights. Tokarev is the brutal KO artist, usualy gets his opponent into inside brawls, trades furiously with them until they get caught and fall to the mat most of the time ending the fight in brutal fashion. This was the hardest fight of Huck`s career who is beginning to venture into the real top level of competition. Huck is a young prospect facing the biggest test of his career while tokarev, 35 years old has to deliver the usual goods to get his shot at a world title belt.

As soon as both fighters got to the center of the ring, we could right away see the huge size difference. Huck was a massive and very tall cruiserweight while Tokarev was a short and compact type of fighter. Tokarev began the fight imposing his pace which was something new for Huck. Tokarev just kept charging him, applying constant pressure, amking Huck go backwards. But Tokarev`s punches werent really effective, landing in majority on the forearms of Huck who was simply countering after blocking tokarev`s flurry.

Huck Vs Tokarev

As the fight progressed, Huck strategy began to be more and more effective as Tokarev simply was running out of answers to get through the defense of Huck, and was also running out of strenght. Huck started to get cocky, wanting to underline the fact that Tokarev wasnt hurting him, and that he unlike his opponent had still a lot of fuel in the tank by raising his hands in the air and exploding with great combos to Tokarevs body.

Huck Vs Tokarev

The judges scored it a majority decision, 117-110 114-114 117-110. This was a pretty good fight. Tokarev wasnt dominant, couldnt impose his power and strenght on his opponent. Huck proved he had a game plan and could stick to it. He showed he can rival with the best. His size make him a very interesting player in this up and coming great cruiserweight division. Huck was impressive and passed his first real hard test in brilliant fashion. Huck proved his wasnt a hyped up fighter for nothing, unlike many other German fighter, he is for real. Marco Huck will now be fighting for the IBF Cruiserweight world title against Steve Cunningham.

Also headlining on the card was Arthur Abraham (22-0-0 18KOs) testing his healed jaw against Sebastien Demers (20-0-0 9KOs) for the IBF middleweight title. Abraham got his jaw dislocated and broken at 2 places by Edison Miranda in his previous fight. It required more than 20 screws to put it back in place. Demers, ranked #15 by the IBF was the chosen challenger for the title. This was an easy fightf or Abraham, and more of a test for his jaw than his boxing skills.

Abraham took little time to impose his strenght, size and skills on Demers. Abraham looked way bigger than Demers. Sebastien tried to land a couple of double jabs which are his strenght but Abraham was too dominant. Demers was clearly out of his league, and his soft chin was quickly tested.

Abraham Vs Demers

This fight showed that Abraham had recovered from the injuries he suffered in the Miranda fight. Other than that, it was a mismatch. Demers is basically a top 20 junior middleweight. That he was rated in the top 15 as a middleweight was an example of how favored promoters can get ratings for the prospective opponents of their champions.

Also on that card, very talented and undefeated heavyweight prospect Alexander Povetkin (12-0-0 12KOs) was fighting former Canadian Champion Patrice L`Heureux (20-3-1 12KOs). Povetkin is the heavyweight gold medalist from teh last Olympic games while L'heureux is a heavyweight that struggled against journeymen. This had all the makings of a quick fight, and it was!!

Povetkin Vs L'heureux Rnd 1

Povetkin Vs L'heureux Rnd 2

Again, Povetkin showed no doubt, no hesitation, was patient, analysed his opponent, and quickly took the oppening to hurt L'heureux with some power shots in combinations. Povetkin`s quickness is really impressive and he showed he is one of the most promising heavyweight propsect out there.

On the undercard,

Another cruiserweight fight between undefeated prospect Alexander Frenkel (9-0-0 7KOs) against Lukasz Rusiewicz (6-3-0 0KO). Both fighters started the fight exchanging wild shots. The pace of teh fightw as pretty impressive, but Frenkel`s ability to counter got the best of wild swinging Rusiewicz. Frenkel won this 6 round fight by unanimous decision.
Frenkel Vs Rusiewicz

A very good super middleweight fight between undefeated and promising prospect Karo Murat (10-0-0 5KOs) and Mustapha Stini (6-23-1 4KOs). Another fight to gain experience for Murat who displays some very intereting skills in the ring. Murat dominated his opponent in a contest fought on the inside. Murat inside punching skills were just too much for Stini who quitted in the 2nd round.
Murat Vs Stini

A light middleweight fight between undefeated prospect Dominik Britsch (6-0-0 1KO) and undefeated Hicham Nafil (5-0-0 2KOs). Even though Britsch got a bad cut from a head clash on his right eye at the beginning of the fight, he still was able to impose his better countering skills on Nafil who lost a 6 rounds unanimous decision.
Britsch Vs Nafil
Article By: Astor