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Tuesday Eurosport Boxing Card results
The first fight shown was between frenchman David Guerault (33-4-0 16KOs) and Edinso Torres (41-26-4 27KOs). Both were pretty old fighters, Torres being 38 years old and former bantamweight IBO champion, and southpaw Guerault being 34 years old. This fight was basicaly to evaluate where Guerault stands at this point of his career.

Guerault, the lenghtier fighter started by showing good footwork, and pressing the action. His upward style and good jab served him well during teh first two rounds. Torres seemed very wide with his shots. His strategy basicaly consisted of luring guerault towards the ropes. Guerault capitalized well on Torres leaning on the ropes with good overhand shots.

The more the fight progressed, the less energy Guerault seemed to have. It became a more physical fight, fought on the inside. Torres kept luring Guerault towards him, and kept leaning on the ropes. Torres started to bully Guerault, and became very effecient with uppercuts thrown on the inside.

David Guerault Vs. Edinso Torres

The sixth round began, Torres again fighting leaning on the ropes, throwing punches on the inside got a warning for a low blow. Guerault seemed spent already, and his hands started to lower, and those looping wide head shots Torres was throwing started to land. Torres scored a KD with 30 seconds left in the round, and quickly tried to finish Guerault after that who had no more legs.

David Guerault Vs. Edinso Torres 6th round

Guerault absorbed lots of punishment, his hands were down and he had just no more footwork. In the 8th round, Torres unleashed brutal body attacks that got to Guerault and made the ref stop the fight.

David Guerault Vs. Edinso Torres

The other fight shown on the undercard was undefeated prospect Amaro Diallo (13-0-0 4KOs) against Domingos Nascimento Monteiro (10-10-2). This was a test for a propsect who was carefully brought up through the ranks.

Diallo established himself quickly in that fight as the more talented fighter. He displayed a very quick and effective left hand, mainly hooks in combinations. He also showed great footwork, and was all around quicker. Nascimento was more of the patient type of fighter, waiting to counter when he sees openings.

Diallo easily won the first round, and the second also. But as the third began, Monteiro started to pressure him, impose his pace, and land more shots. Monteiro won both the 3rd and 4th round.

Amaro Diallo Vs. Domingos Nascimento Monteiro

This end up being a good test for Diallo, he got some good opposition in the 3rd and 4th and had to dig deep and find some answers to Monteiro's pressure. Diallo took the control of the fight back, and re-established his quicker and slicker style. He even tried to finish Monteiro, but his shots were too wide and not enough precise. Diallo won a 6 rounds decision.

The main event was featuring two fighters making a comeback, Pablo Navascues (25-1-0 18KOs) coming back from a 10 months break, and Miguel Angel Pena (25-11-4 25-12-4 9KOs) back from a 2 years off period. Pena hasnt won a fight in three years and is fighting his comeback at one weightclass heavier.

Nevascues displayed great straight punching, while Pena was basicaly fighting flat footed, and looking to counter Nevascues who didnt have a very good defense. This was a good strategy for Pena, since his patience was rewarded by Nevascues always applying pressure and going forward.

Pablo Navascues Vs. Miguel Angel Pena

Nevascues got hit a lot during the fight due to his lack of defense, but since he applied constant pressure, he still got to Pena several times. The pace of the fight was pretty high, lots of punches were thrown in a fight where both fighters exchanged rounds on the scorecards. A very close fight that ended in a 10 rounds split decision for Nevascues.

Pablo Navascues Vs. Miguel Angel Pena

Article By: Astor