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News on Davey Hilton
Dave Hilton father, 66 years old has never lost his passion for the sweet science. A couple of months ago, he oppened another boxing gym with his associate Craig Baldocchi on Notre-Dame street in Montreal. Things are going really well since they already recruited 250 members with at least 20 pugilists.

Dave Hilton, old training partner of Cassius Clay during the end of the 50s, couldnt refuse his son Davey when he asked to be trained by his father. Dave always was in Davey's corner, and this is the way it will still be. Apparently, Dave is still very hard on his boy.

Dave Hilton on Davey
"I never saw him that serious and rigourous with his training. I think he realises that this is his last chance. He always spars 18 to 20 rounds each day before returning to his transition house. He now weights 156 pounds, and he knows there is still plenty of work to do."

"After being off for 6 years (Davey Hilton went in jail for sexualy molesting his own 2 daughters), i dont think he'll be back to where he once was as a boxer. But we'll have a better idea of the possibilities for him after he fights Adam Green. If he looks bad fighting Green, ill tell him to hang his gloves and ill listen to me."

Adam Green vs Davey Hilton PRESSER

Dave Hilton who fought 210 fights in his boxing career thinks Davey will have his hands full with Adam Green, a fighter who has a lot of heart, determination, and a very good chin.
The Adam Green vs Davey Hilton fiht will happen on may 1st at the Maurice-Richard arena in Quebec Canada.

Tickets will be made available on april 12th, they will cost between 40$ and 200$. Apparently, half of the 60 tables available ring side are already sold.
Article By: Astor