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Dhop vs Forbes result
I never knew why participants would drag in late when they have paid to see a whole boxing card.
Typically reasons surface as to fights aren't just fights they are events.
With that being said and with most big boxing events held with casinos and other live attractions as their backdrop it begins to make sense why the casual boxing fans start to flood in just as the main event is about to happen.

On paper even the less observant fan would have a case in wanting to catch snippets on the many overhead casino monitors as they lay a couple hundred on the poker table opting to miss out on the soft hitting seemingly chess game between Steve Forbes and the lesser known Hopkins, Demetrius.

But this is a sport where preordained logic and reality oftentimes contradict one another. Having reached fame before becoming a "Contender", Steve "Two Pounds" Forbes, a former world champion, was looking to redeem himself after a decision loss and $500,000 from the hands of Grady Brewer. Forbes would settle for $75,000 as the Contender's runner-up.

Redemption would have to wait at least a fight later as the official Las Vegas scoring would once again fall on deaf ears.

Steve Forbes' strategy, being the smaller man, was to get inside the taller man's reach, score and pound the body hoping that it would pay divedends later in the fight.

As the bell rang for round one both parties, feeling out one another, turned up the pace by mid-round with Hopkins seeming controlling the action from a distance effectively using the jab.

Forbes would inch closer and closer landing clean shots giving prospects for an interesting second round. Between rounds one and two with Floyd Mayweather Sr. Forbes seemed to be in good hands, Sr. having put together quite the winning streak thus far in 2007.

The second round would begin with Forbes countering off of Hopkin's combination flurries and left hooks. Hopkins, still trying to fight tall, is forced into the gym war the Philadelphia fighter isnt used to being in as Forbes got in close and attacked the body, having connected on 20 of 37 power punches in the round.

Rounds 3 would begin and end with Hopkins finding new residene for the left hook landing it whenever Forbes walked straight back. With the same torrid pace continuing in the fourth, Forbes would go on to land big right and left hooks and punctuate the round with a straight right hand as Hopkins has all but forgotten to use the jab.

By round 6 with Hopkins now breathing with an open mouth and looking to clinch more than in previous rounds, came out looking to reestablish the jab more then shuffle his feet to get in position again, not unakin to the same generalship of his uncle Bernard.

The more hungrier, Forbes steadily applies pressure moving forward, picking and countering shots behind his two-handed guard.

Rounds 7-10 would be as Jim Lampley would say "more of the same" as Forbes continues to put in work from close range landing the same effective body shots as in round two assuring a huge payoff as the fight culminates into the championship rounds.

Hopkins fighting back and trying to stay busy would look the less of the two beginning the 12th and final round as Forbes continues to land to the body and upstairs.

The final bell would rang with a question mark on the minds of many at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort Casino. As Michael Buffer chorused scores of 118-110 twice and 117-111 a baffled Forbes graciously assailed across the ring and congratulated the defender of the USBA Light Welterweight Title.

With both men putting in good work it would seem a case of perhpas either man getting the nod but not a virtual shutout. This would only be the prelude of things to come as ticketholders began to fill the arena for the upcoming main event.

Sometimes chess games resort to an old game of laymen's checkers and technicians become fighters. Sometimes you never know what you're gonna get in boxing, for Forbes he is still a man looking to cash in.
Article By: bhopreign