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WOMEN'S BOXING REPORT- September 2 through 4
Pictured: Natasha Jonas

Among the women's boxing results for the 3-day period of Friday, September 2 through Sunday, September 4 were Natasha Jonas unifying the WBO and WBC World titles at 154, Erika Cruz outpointing Jelena Mrdjenovich for the second time to retain the WBA World featherweight title at 126, Rebecca Hawker dethroning previously unbeaten defending WIBA World featherweight champion Hollie Towl, and Maria Guadalupe Bautista staying active with a TKO victory.


Saturday, September 3-

Natasha Jonas (The Ring #4; 12-2-1, 8 KOs)
Unan. Dec. 10
Patricia Berghult (The Ring #2; 15-1, 3 KOs)
- This bout was fought for Ms. Jonas' WBO World junior middleweight title and Ms. Berghult's WBC World super welterweight title.
- The scores were 99-91, 100-90, and 100-90.


Friday, September 2-

Vicky Wilkinson (4-0-1, 0 KOs)
Maj. Dec. Draw 10
Kristine Shergold (7-6-1, 1 KO)
- This bout was fought for the vacant Commonwealth super featherweight title.
- The scores were 98-92 for Ms. Wilkinson, 95-95, and 95-95.

Saturday, September 4-

Bo Mi Re Shin (13-1-3, 7 KOs)
TKO-6 1:32
Aka Ringo (3-1, 2 KOs)
- This bout was fought for Ms. Shin's WBC International super featherweight title. Ms. Ringo's WBO Asia Pacific bantamweight title was not on the line.


Saturday, September 3-

Rebecca Hawker (6-0, 2 KOs)
Unan. Dec. 10
Hollie Towl (8-1, 5 KOs)
- The bout was fought for Ms. Towl's Women's International Boxing Association (WIBA) World featherweight title.
- Ms. Hawker won by the scores of 99-91, 100-90, and 100-90.
- Note: BoxRec lists Ms. Towl as 0-1 because her eight previous bouts, including her two previous WIBA World title bouts, were fought under the auspices of the British & Irish Boxing Authority.

Lara Ochmann (9-1, 4 KOs)
Maj. Dec. 8
Karina Szmalenberg (formerly Karina Kopinska; 14-53-4, 3 KOs)
- Ms. Ochmann, who, on December 14, 2019, stopped Kim Angela Jaeckel in the sixth round to win the inaugural German Boxing Association female featherweight title bout, posted her fourth consecutive victory.
- The scores for her competitive bout against Ms. Szmalenberg were 76-76, 77-75, and 77-75.

Erika Cruz (Erika Cruz Hernandez; The Ring #2; 15-1, 3 KOs)
Unan. Dec. 10
Jelena Mrdjenovich (The Ring #4; 41-12-2, 19 KOs)
- Ms. Cruz, who won by three 100-90 scores, retained the WBA World featherweight title.


Saturday, September 3-

Juliana Vanesa Basualdo (9-2, 2 KOs)
Maj. Dec. 8
Maria Amalia Mazzarello (3-2, 1 KO)
- This was a non-title bout. Ms. Basualdo's FAB Argentine super bantamweight title was not on the line.
- The scores were 77-75, 76-76, and 77-75.


Friday, September 2-

Sarah Watt (1-2-1, 0 KOs)
Unan. Dec. 6
Rosario Marcial Amador (0-2-1)
- Ms. Watt won the vacant Australian National Boxing Federation New South Wales State flyweight title. She is now 1-0-1 versus Ms. Marcial Amador.


Friday, September 2-

Maria Guadalupe Bautista (21-11-2, 5 KOs)
TKO-2 2:00
Jaqueline Lopez Trejo (1-6-1, 1 KO)
- This was a non-title bout.
- Ms. Bautista, the WBA World light flyweight Champion In Recess, scored her 9th consecutive victory.
Article By: Ken Pollitt