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Aiken, Carvajal Draw in Rockingham
Erik Mighty Mouse Aiken (16-5, 12 KOs) battled late substitute Cruz Carvajal (28-13-1, 24 KOs) to a ten round draw last night at the Rockingham Sportsclub in Salem, New Hampshire in the ESPN2s Friday Night Fights main event. Aiken, in his first fight since losing the IBF Featherweight title to Robert Guerrero on September 2, 2006, jumped on the smaller Carvajal, who had taken the fight on 6 hours notice and who had never ventured above the bantamweight limit. Aiken, using superior hand speed, shooting the left jab and then following with looping but heavy overhand rights, easily won the first round and appeared to be on his way to an easy victory.

In the second round, Carvajal proved his mettle, working his way inside, landing several left uppercuts and short left hooks, which caught Aiken flush. Carvajal continued to apply pressure in the third round, backing Aiken into the ropes shooting left hand combos to the body and head. Aiken, appearing confused, switched to the southpaw stance and immediately caught two straight right hands from Carvajal. Cruz was now ahead 2 rounds to 1 on card.

Aiken started off round three landing a solid overhand right that had Carvajal backing up. As Carvajal complained the punch was behind his head, Aiken moved forward landing three straight overhand rights. Cruz shook off the punishment and began working his way back inside, landing several lefts to the body. Although Aikens punches began to land, they were of the looping kind, permitting Carvajal to come down the middle with his own right hand.

Carvajal opened up the 6th round with a beautiful overhand right, catching Aiken flush. Showing frustration, Aiken again resorted to the southpaw stance. Aiken initially landed right/left combos, but the game Carvajal began landing counter rights, again pushing Aiken into the ropes. Carvajal was beating the quicker Aiken to the punch, and punctuated his control of the round by landing three straight left hooks.

The action slowed in the 7th, however Carvajal, focused and aggressive, continued to apply pressure through out the round and into the 8th. Midway through the 8th stanza, Aiken appeared to catch his second wind, landing several heavy overhand rights. The round was close, but Aiken pulled it out landing the heavier, more damaging punches.

Aiken began the 9th round landing another overhand right, but Carvajal would push forward, continuously pressuring Aiken, and let loose with a sensational Left-Right-Left-right four-piece combination. Seconds later Carvajal scored with another picture perfect combination, left hook to the body, right uppercut, leaving Aikens mouth bleeding and both eyes swollen.

Sensing he needed to do something important in the eyes of the judges, Aiken stormed from his corner landing several overhand rights. Carvajal, still throwing punches, but landing few, appeared tired. Aiken moved up and down, landing several combinations, emphasized by two body shots. But the knockout, which many thought he needed to win the fight, did not come.

Punch stats clearly showed Carvajal the busier and more accurate fighter as he landed 41% of his punches (325/796) compared to Aikens 28% connect rate (220/791).

Judges scored the fight 96-94 for Carvajal, 96-95 Aiken and 96-96. scored the fight 96-94 in favor of Carvajal.

In the televised opener, undefeated Junior Middleweight (and New Hampshire Native) Jason The Hammer LeHoullier (20-0, 8 KOs) defeated Martinez Clay (12-13-2, 4 KOs) via unanimous decision over eight rounds.

The two combatants split rounds one through four, Clay utilizing the jab and his foot speed to keep the fight at a distance, while LeHoullier won his share by working past the jab, getting inside and working the body. By the end of the fourth, LeHoullier was beginning to exert his will on Clay, landing several Left-right (body/head) combinations, which resulted in Clay reverting to shell mode.

LeHoullier began letting his hands go more often, landing three straight left hooks, which had Clay reeling. Clay attempted to use his jab to keep LeHoullier away but to no avail. The Hammer jumped on Clay in the seventh, landing a huge right hand which opened up a cut above Clays left eye. LeHoullier ended the fight applying the pressure, landing combos while Clay was on his bike.

LeHoullier landed 174 of 440 punches (40%) to Clays 125 of 525 (25%). The judges all scored the fight in favor of LeHoullier, 79-74, 80-72 and 79-73. scored the fight 79-73 in favor of LeHoullier.

Results of non-televised action:

Gilbert Veneges W, Ed Parades via TKO 3
Sean Eklund W, Jeff Farmer UD 4
Gerry Grealish W, Maurice Williams SD 4
Eddie Caminero W, Bobby McAndrews KO 2
Denise Moses W, LeAnne Villareal UD 4
Article By: J. Cox