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The WBO Has F'N' Done It Again
Last year, TTR stopped including sanctioning bodies rankings when results are listed. The only rankings used are ours, the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board's, and The Ring's. I, however, do keep an eye on the rankings of the sanctioning organizations just to see if they're keeping on the up-and-up.

Today, I noticed on BoxRec that Steve Geffrard wiil be challenging for Joe Smith, Jr.'s WBO World light heavyweight title on January 15. He's subbing for WBO #5 ranked Callum Johnson (#10 in the TBRB's rankings; unranked by us and by The Ring) who was forced to withdraw after testing positive for COVID-19. Geffrard is ranked #15 in the WBO's December 2021 rankings- those allegedly as of December 14, 2021. So what's the problem you may ask?

The WBO did NOT rank Geffrard at all when their rankings as of December 14, 2021 were originally posted. Now, if they had issued their January 2022 early and had Geffrard ranked #15, it wouldn't be as offensive. #11 Umar Salamov had lost in December to Dmitry Bivol and if they wanted to remove him and move Geffrard in at #15 in their January rankings, fine. However, they haven't issued their January rankings but are passing off what is now on their website as their rankings "as of December 14, 2021" with Salamov removed and Geffrard at #15. It appears that they have falsified their rankings so that they can still collect their sanctioning fees.

Their #15 ranked welterweight contender Juan Hernan Leal lost to unranked Daniyar Yeleussinov in December and he's still ranked #15. (Yeleussinov is still unranked.) Their #6 junior bantamweight contender Ryoji Fukunaga lost to their junior bantamweight champ Kazuto Ioka and he's still ranked #6. And, their ##11 ranked bantamweight contender Ukashir Farooq retired and he's still ranked #11.

The only Top 15 manipulated by the WBO was that of the light heavyweight division. The then unranked Geffrard was scheduled to fight on January 8 in Florida so now he, with brand spanking new #15 ranking, will fight in upstate New York on the 15th instead.
Article By: Ken Pollitt