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Who Wins Povetkin -Vs- Whyte 2?


Mormeck vs Bell II results
The first and second rounds were won by Mormeck who controlled the action, landed good combinations, and used his jab pretty well. Mormeck was very opportunist during these first two rounds and looked pretty good. The beginning of both their fights was very similar with Mormeck using lots of energy, but still capitalizing on many occasions. The corner man of Mormeck asks for more jabs.
Mormeck vs. Bell 1st round Highlights

Mormeck vs. Bell 2nd round Highlights

The third round was better for ONeil Bell who landed very good right hands over the top. As the host of the card Bob Sheridan underlined, when Mormeck leans toward his right, ONeil landed that great over hand right. At 2:22 of the third round, ONeil Bell threw a low blow. Mormeck who already couldve taken his time, and recuperate from his blazing pace he had started the fight with, but the ref pressured Mormeck and the fight resumed after a brief minute and a half of time out. Mormeck finished the round pretty strong, and Bell even looked hurt at some point.
Mormeck vs. Bell 3rd round Low Blow

Again, like the previous rounds, the fourth was punctuated with Both fighters playing possum at numerous times. Bell will use that strategy for the full duration of the fight, making him look nonchalant more than anything. Bell does the minimal required to win rounds. He looks like a fighter pacing himself very slow, letting Mormeck do the work and run out of steam. Both fighters look already very tired, but Bell is more theatrical than anything. Again, as Bob Sheridan points out during the round, the temperature inside the Marcel Cerda Center exceeds the 90 degrees.
Bell vs Mormeck 4th round Highlights

After 4 rounds, the scorecards are 39-37 39-37 39-38 all for Mormeck.

During the 5th round, Bell countered really well with his right hand. He picks his spots pretty well. Mormeck is getting more tired and unbalanced, he throws lots of over the top wild shots, and less jabs. Bell like during the majority of this fight plays possum on the ropes, while Mormeck tries to capitalize on him, but Bell gets the best of the countering in this round. Both fighters punch at the back of the head of each other. Bell was the one using this illegal method in the first fight, but he is the one complaining about it in the second fight.
Bell vs Mormeck 5th round Highlights

The 6th round, like the rounds before, has a very fast pace, and the heat is definitely taking its toll on both of them. Mormeck will land some very interesting combos in this final part of the round, but will get seriously hurt during the last seconds.
Bell vs. Mormeck 6h round Highlights

Final seconds of the 6th round

During the 7th round, Mormeck will still apply the pressure while ONeil, again playing possum and looking very nonchalant using the minimal efforts to try to win rounds, will counter very effectively.
Bell vs. Mormeck 7th round Highlights

Both fighters are really extenuated at this point, Mormeck starts the round pretty well, but this may be the final part of bell's trap, which is the let Mormeck ran out of steam. Bell will try to pressure Mormeck a little more than in the previous rounds. Bell starts to look cocky. Bell again plays possum, tries to look unbalanced. Mormeck doesnt fall in the trap bell is setting, but is very tired anyway.

The scorecards at this point are 78-74 78-74 78-74 all for Mormeck.In the 9th round, Jean-Marc seems to be more cognoscente of the possible stamina problems he may have the more the fight progresses, so when he lands some good shots, he then pulls back. With 50 seconds left in the round, Mormeck will throw a low blow, and Bell will again in a nonchalant way throw himself flat on the mat. And again, the ref will pressure Bell to restart pretty quickly after a minute of time out.
Bell vs. Mormeck 9th round Highlights

Low blow with 50 seconds left

Both fighters will fight at some point against the ropes in that round. Mormeck's stamina level is pretty low; he walks with his hands down, and only lands a few shots to then quickly walk away. Bell looks a little more the fresher of the two but still is very relaxed, and doesn?t seem too much preoccupied with ending this fight since he is losing on points.

Mormeck's corner man will instruct him to stay away from Bell and box him. Besides landing a great combo, Mormeck will look spent in that round. Bell looks in pretty good shape considering the heat and the pace of this fight.

This round is do or die for Bell; he has to get Mormeck out of there if he wants to have a chance to win this fight. Mormeck is totally out of stamina. Bell looks fresh and ready for a big ultimate round. With Mormeck leaning on the ropes, this 12th round looks a lot like the final 10th round of their first fight. Mormeck definitely looks out of energy and basically lets the time fly while he is leaning on the ropes and getting perused by Bell who lands some pretty good shots. Bell will land a good uppercut, but its too late, the Bell ending the fights sounds with 20 seconds left in the round, the fight is over.

Bell displayed major nonchalance. His theatrical game of playing possum cost him the close rounds in my opinion. I didn?t know what to think, if he was just relaxed, unbalanced, or just not ready to make the required sacrifice to defend his belts. His stamina is definitely a problem considering he wasnt as active as Mormeck. Bell didn?t display what a champ should; he tried like many of his fights to get away with his punch, and didn?t plan on fighting a 12 rounds decision. He relied on his punch, and got burned.
Article By: Astor