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The Best Way to Hang a Heavy Bag in your House - The Spider Mount
I have been a boxing fan for over 25 years and have actively trained in boxing for the last 20. I have done all kinds of boxing training but have always preferred doing rounds on the heavy bag. Over the years, I have tried many heavy bags and have found some to be better than others. The heavy bags I like the best are ones that weigh 100 pounds or more.

I train outside for most of the year. My heavy bag is hung on a tree at my house. The heavy bag absorbs some water which is great because it makes the bag heavier. However, when winter gets here (and winters here can be VERY cold, as cold as 30 degrees below zero with lots of snow), I can't train outside. I had tried a few times to hang a heavy bag inside my home but it would cause severe vibrations. Plates on the buffet upstairs were falling and I was afraid I would damage the structure of the house.

I started researching to see what were my options. I bought a Century Bob dummy, something I had always wanted, but soon realized it's not made for heavyweights or people that hit hard. The dummy kept moving while I was training even though the base was filled with sand. I would have to stop and move it back into place. Stationary targets, like a dummy or a bag on a stand, aren't conducive for a good boxing workout. As boxing "hardcores" know, footwork is key for balance and with a dummy or a bag on a stand, your movement is restricted and your training session can get pretty dull.

The COVID-19 pandemic made playing hockey to stay in shape during winter almost impossible and with with the recent passing of my dad, I felt I really needed some bag work badly! I kept researching for brackets or some other solution until I ended up on the firstlaw website. It was there that I discovered the Spider Mount.

I started to look for reviews and videos about the product. The feedback was very positive so I decided to try the product, hoping it could be the solution to the vibrations problem. I contacted the Firstlaw company and found their customer service department to be extremely helpful. The representative who assisted me was extremely knowledgeable. He helped me decide which of their products was best for my needs. We agreed that the Spider Mount 140 seemed perfect for me.

The product arrived as scheduled and immediately I was impressed by its quality. It is made with top-notch materials. It also comes with all the required hardware for installation (bolts, metal washers, quick link...). It took only 10 minutes to install (drill four 1/4" holes in the ceiling beams and use the bolts to secure the Spider Mount).

I hung my 100 pound bag on the Spider Mount and I was ready to test it! I have to admit I was still skeptical. It's a one hundred pound bag and I am 6'4" 250 lbs. I thought it would cause vibrations problems.

I asked my girlfriend to go upstairs and to tell me if she heard or felt anything when I started hitting the bag. I then began to do my normal bag routine. While I was doing so, she came back downstairs to check if I had started hitting the bag!! I was so happy. For 20 years, I had wanted to be able to use a bag indoors on rainy days and during winter. Finally, after 20 years of looking for a solution, I had finally found one!!

The Firstlaw Fitness Spider Mount is not only a great product and easy to install, it works perfectly at negating all the vibrations to the house. I am extremely impressed by this product. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Spider Mount to any combat sport fan who wants to hang a heavy bag in his or her home. I would even recommend it for use in gyms because it is definitely gym-quality!!

The Firstlaw Fitness Spider mount is, by far, the way to go over all the other solutions I have researched. There's no footwork restrictions like with a bag stand or rack. It allows you to do bag work the way it's supposed to be done!! It is a well-made, ingenious product that is well worth its price. This product will last for decades of boxing fun!!
Article By: Antoine Patry DesLauriers