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Irish John Duddy seemed like he had a very mature and down to earth approach towards fighting and learning experiences in that pre fight interview presented before the fight.

Duddy explained in the pre fight footage shown on the card for the duddy vs bonsante fight that he enjoyed the experience he got against Campas, it was tough, but interesting for him.

"There is an expression that says: be carefull for what you ask for since you might get it... well ig ot it that night against Campas, and i learned a lot through that fight."


*1st round *


The first round was dominated by Duddy who controlled the ring. He quickly established his left hook by landing several left hook combos to the head, and a good one to the body. Bonsante jabbed his way through the round.

1st round HighLights


*2nd round*


Again, Duddy began the second round with strong attacks on Bonsante. Duddy landed a very one two on Bonsante that made him bounce off the ropes. Bonsante showed a little more aggressivity, trying some combinations mainly built around multiple jabs. Bonsante remains composed under fire, but not very dangerous. As Barry Mcguigan (Co-host of thsi card) said, Duddy should definately learn to keep his hands higher.

2nd round Highlights


*3rd round *


Duddy again begins this round in strong fashion. Duddy lands a thunderous right hand trading shots with Bonsante. Bonsante got a little more at ease in this round, started to expand his arsenal of punches. he added the uppercut in the mix, landed a 5 punches combination, and used the jab profusely exposing the low hands of duddy.

3rd round Highlights


*4th round *


At about 10 seconds in the 4th round, a clash of heads occur in the clinch. Bonsante gets a cut on the forehead. Duddy like in the previous rounds starts strong. At one minute into the 4th round, Duddy lands a big bomb on Bonsante, and rips Bonsante's body who is basicaly surviving, leaning on the ropes.

Duddy lands a vicious hook to the head of Bonsante with 30 seconds left in teh round. The cut on Bonsante's forehead drips blood in his right eye and seems to be a problem for him. THE FIGHT WILL ONLY GO TO THE SCORECARDS IF IT GETS PASSED THE 6TH ROUND. Antony Bonsante's words getting to his corner at the bell were:

"I cant see a fucking thing!!"

Cut caused by a clash of heads

4th round HighLights


*5th round *


Duddy continues his constant attacks to the body of Bonsante with left hooks. He also lands another thunderous right hand on Bonsante half way into the round. Bonsante lands a good uppercut on Duddy who quickly replies with a flurry.

5th round Highlights


*6th round *


Before the beginning of that round, the cornerman of Bonsante explained to him how it works for a stoppage on a cut and how the outcome will be determined. Bonsante started the round throwing a flurry of arm punches.

6th round HighLights


*7th round *


The ref Steve Smoger went in the corner of Bonsante before the beginning of the round. Bonsante's right eye is clearly incommodated with the bleeding of the cut on his forehead.

Steve Smoger:

"If you tell me you cant see, i have to stop the fight"

Antony Bonsante:

"I want to keep going"

Bonsante couldve got the technical draw easily at this point by answering he couldnt go on anymore to Smoger, but he showed courage and determination chosing the hard and painful way. Duddy pounded Bonsante for teh rest of the round

7th round HighLights


*8th round *


Duddy's corner to duddy on hsi stool:

"You try too hard!"

In Bonsante's corner, The doctor and Smoger are looking closely at Bonsante, who gets up from his stool and walks to the center of the ring prematurely in an effort to prove he is alright. Smoger will get him back to his corner for the beginning of the 8th round.

Bonsante had his best round of the fight, he seemed reborn in this one, landing uppercuts and good combinations. But the blood from the cut keeps bothering bonsante's right eye, and antony keps whipping his eye.

Bonsante gets up from his stool prematurely


*9th round *


Duddy's cornerman tries to shake duddy a bit since he doesnt listen to the advice of jabbing and moving:

"Will you move?"

"i will"

"youre telling me youll do it, but do it"

"i will do it"

"you dont listen to me"

"i undertsand you and ill do it"

Bonsante has another pretty good rounds, lands some hooks, but the blood is bothering him a lot. With 51 seconds left, Smoger decides to let the medical staff take a look at Bonsante's cut. The fight continues.

Bonsante's cornerman when Bonsante gets to his corner at the end of the round:

"hell of a fight tony, you just cant see well enough anymore..."

the fight gets stopped

Duddy said Bonsante was trying to survive all night long in his opinion, but he hasnt letted him or the fans down.

Bonsante :

"i couldnt overcome the blood dripping in my right eye..."

"the fight wasnt stopped because of the cut, i dont stop fighting for a cut, its the blood in my eye that made me almost blind... i wish johnny all the best!"
Article By: Astor