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Transnational Boxing Rankings Board's Rankings As Of June 4
The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board's latest rankings- those based on fights held through June 1, 2019- were posted on the TBRB's website June 4, 2019. There were changes in the heavyweight and cruiserweight Top Tens.

From the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board's website:

4 June 2019: *** Boxing is the greatest sport in the world and Andy Ruiz Jr. reminded us why. Given the recent, lamentable, and at times embarrassing shenanigans involving the triumvirate at the top of the Heavyweight division, we needed it.

Ruiz, last seen in the Transnational Rankings in August 2018, came forward like a throwback from way back- ready, willing, and more able than damn-near anyone believed. He took the fight on what today would be considered short notice. What's more, he had just come off an impressive performance where he stopped a giant in what now looks like a foreshadowing of what he did Saturday night. What's more still, in that third round everyone is talking about, he absorbed the best shots six-feet-six inches of Anthony Joshua could muster -a right uppercut-left hook combination that should have put him to sleep. It didn't, and Ruiz climbed to his feet. He took another right hand that shook everything but his nerve and what does he do? He doesn't hold on, he doesn't step back. He surges forward -bombs away! And then what happens? He knocks down the giant, who also happens to the #1-ranked heavyweight on the planet. He put him down again later that round and in round 7, he stopped him.

Madison Square Garden went wild. The roof almost fell in.

It was a glorious performance. It transcended the sport.

Ruiz is making sure everyone sees that Mexican flag behind him and around him. Everyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of Mexican boxing history, understands what that means. He's carrying on a proud tradition -he is ready to fight, willing to fight, and able to fight. Let's hope his mindset smartens up all the "business men" in the division. Fight! Or go get a job at Charles Schwab.

Anthony Joshua was considered by most everyone, including us, to be the best heavyweight in the world. In today's make-it-up-as-we-go-along era, that's commonly confused with his being the world's champion as well. We hold that to be nearly as foolish as the idea of two, three, four, or five "world champions" in one division. The world championship is as singular as the world is. Joshua and Fury had a responsibility to honor common sense and fight it out in a #1 vs. #2 clash that would have crowned the rightful heavyweight king. It didn't happen.

As it is, Ruiz is not the heavyweight champion of the world unless you like the "let's make it up as we go along" non-system apparent today. But he has every right to feel like a conquering king, and he is indeed the #1-ranked heavyweight in the world. He just achieved something historic and unforgettable.

(The board had a lively three days weighing-in on where he should be ranked. The chairs had proposed that he come in at #3 and Joshua drop to #4. That would have elevated Fury at #1 and Wilder at #2 for nothing they did. They got plenty of support for that proposal, but ended up easily outvoted by far more members who insisted that Ruiz earned #1. And that's what he is for as long as he can hold it- numero uno.)

At Cruiserweight, Michal Cieslak stopped Olanrewaju Durodola on the heels of his stoppage last March of former contender Youri Kayembre. He bumps out Noel Mikaelian. ***

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Article By: Transnational Boxing Rankings Board with Ken Pollitt contributing