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TTR Monthly Honors: March 2018
Pictured: WBC World Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder

TTR Monthly Honors: March 2018

Fighter of the Month: Deontay Wilder

Making the 7th defense of his WBC Heavyweight Championship, Wilder was faced with his most dangerous opponent to date in the undefeated Luis "King Kong" Ortiz. Ortiz had long been considered one of the leading contenders in the Heavyweight division. The fight lived up to all expectations as Ortiz was every bit the challenger he was expected to be and Wilder had to step up his game that much more to defeat the dangerous and skilled Ortiz. Ortiz's superior Boxing skill was giving Wilder fits in the early going, but eventually Wilder got to Ortiz with his powerful right hand, and dropped him. From that moment the fight changed, and the tension was at a fever pitch. Ortiz carefully made it through the 6th round trying to avoid being hurt again, but unleashed a salvo on Wilder in the 7th that had Wilder nearly out on his feet. Wilder was BADLY dazed, but held on, and survived the onslaught. In the 8th round he wisely just set out mostly to survive, and make it through the round without being hurt again, but in the 9th he was back on the attack, and landing some shots. The dramatic conclusion to the see-saw battle came in the 10th when Wilder dropped Ortiz again, and followed up with a relentless assault which ended with a vicious uppercut which dropped Ortiz for a 3rd time and prompted referee David Fields to call a halt to the bout. It was Wilder's most impressive victory to date, and it earned him TTR's Fighter of the Month Honors!

Honorable Mention: Anthony Joshua

Considering how close the vote was (9-8) we would be remiss in neglecting to mention Anthony Joshua's victory over Joseph Parker. While it wasn't the thrilling contest that Wilder-Ortiz was, it was a unanimous decision victory over another Top 5 ranked Heavyweight, and in victory, Joshua unified his IBF, WBA Super, and IBO Heavyweight titles with Parker's WBO Championship thus adding more recognition for his status as the Unified Heavyweight Champion. It was a great month for Heavyweight Boxing!

Fight of the Month: Henrri David Polanco TKO 9 Hector David Saldivia

This one may have went under the radar for a lot of Boxing fans, but The13thround forum and staff would HIGHLY recommend it for any boxing fans who may have missed it. It had everything you could ask for in a fight- dramatic swings of momentum, multiple knockdowns, point deductions, a bit of controversy, and steady action throughout. Saldivia was dropped in the 2nd round, but by the end of the round had stunned Polanco badly enough that Polanco received a standing 8 count. In the 3rd round Saldivia dropped Polanco to the canvas for a full fledged knockdown, and continued to pour it on. Saldivia lost a point for a low blow in the 6th. Things had been going his well pretty well at the time, but the point deduction sort of swung the momentum back in Polanco's favor, but not for long as Saldivia dropped Polanco again in the 8th...Polanco then lost a point for losing his mouthpiece, and received another standing 8 count before the rounds end making it a 10-6 round for Saldivia! Saldivia started to show fatigue in the next round and Polanco poured it on with an assault which lead to a standing 8 count against Saldivia, and when the action resumed Polanco dropped Saldivia hard with a big shot, and the fight was stopped! All the action you could hope for, and here's hoping that more fans are exposed to this tremendous fight. It is richly deserving of our honor of being TTR's Fight of the Month!

Knockout of the Month: Dillian Whyte KO 6 Lucas Browne

What was expected to be a pretty competitive bout turned out to be a lopsided beating as Browne seemed to be in less than peak condition. Not to take away from the well prepared Whyte who thoroughly dominated and outboxed his opponent every step of the way. The stoppage seemed inevitable already after the completion of the early rounds, and in the 6th the end came swiftly and brutally. A vicious left hook from Whyte landed on Browne's chin and knocked him out cold, flat on his face. It was one of those knockdowns where there was no need to count because it was obvious that there was no way he was getting up. One of the starkest examples of the brutality that can happen in a Boxing ring, it has earned a wide vote as TTR's Knockout of the Month!
Article By: Bobby Davis