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TTR Monthly Honors: October 2017
Pictured: TTR's Fighter of the Month: Jermell Charlo

TTR Monthly Honors: October 2017

Fighter of the Month: Jermell Charlo

Jermell Charlo got the vote of the TTR board with his emphatic 1st round KO victory of Erickson Lubin. This was seen as an evenly matched contest coming in, and the fact that it ended as quickly, and as brutally as it did was a tremendous statement for Charlo. It was a solid month of action. There were 3 or 4 other fighters who received votes, but Charlo received the most, and earns TTR's Fighter of the Month honors for October. The accolades for Jermell don't stop there either.

Fight of the Month: Alberto Machado KO 8 Jezreel Corrales

The unbeaten Machado put himself on the map with this win, and gave the fans a tremendous fight in the process. Corrales had weighed in 3 1/4 pounds over the divisional limit and, as a result, forfeited the WBA world super featherweight super championship on the scales. The bout went on with the vacant WBA "regular" world super featherweight title as the substitute prize, a prize available to Machado, who weighed in at 130, only.

For most of the contest, Corrales outboxed Machado, landing overhand lefts almost at will. The former "super champ" scored a knockdown in the fifth round and went into the fateful eighth stanza leading by the official scores of 68-64, 68-64, and 67-65. However, in the eighth, Machado, undeterred by what had transpired earlier, showed why he is nicknamed "El Explosivo". He landed a left-hand bomb of his own which dropped Corrales to the canvas. Glassy-eyed and wobbly, Corrales managed to barely beat the count but was ruled unfit to continue by referee Mark Nelson. It was a dramatic victory for Machado, and a fight exciting and impressive enough to warrant being named TTR's Fight of the Month!

Knockout of the Month: Jermell Charlo KO 1 Erickson Lubin

We've already touched on the result, but let's go a little more in depth about what made this KO so spectacular. Lubin was arguably the most dangerous opponent on paper that Charlo had ever faced coming into this contest, and it was looking like we might be in for a competitive boxing match we all anticipated for a brief window in the early, but suddenly Charlo struck out with a perfectly timed sweeping uppercut that landed flush on Lubin's chin as he was ducking down. Lubin dropped hard, and was trying to get up, but the punch had thrown off his senses so badly that he couldn't get the left side of his body to work. Watching Lubin convulse strangely on the ground as he tried to regain his feet was quite a scary sight. Amazingly he managed to beat the referee's count, but the referee had wisely called a halt to the bout prior to that. He was definitely not in any condition to take any more punches. It was scary, It was violent, and it was emphatic. It was also TTR's Knockout of the Month!
Article By: Bobby Davis with Ken Pollitt contributing