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Bell doesnt deserve my belts
Jean-Marc Mormeck had originaly decided to train in Monaco for his revenge against Oneil Bell. But he finaly decided to train in a south region of France called Aubane. Mormeck trained several time in that region of the country, notably 2 times for world title shots. He likes to get out of Paris for training since it keeps his mind focused on his primary goal, WIN. His trainer, Richie Giachetti made him focus on running, getting in shape, and being ready for the full distance if needed.

"Dont be suprised if i run a little more in the ring on saturday night. Im well prepared and my stamina has never been better. I sparred several times and made sure i was ready for all eventualities. That night, i intend to be half tank, half F1. Ill take my time during the first rounds of the fight since last time against Oneil Bell, my biggest mistake was that i started the fight at a too high pace."

Mormeck had a very good training camp, except for a minor muscular problem, it all went very well.

"Don King promised a great fight during the final presser, he always does. What i can promise is that i'll win."

Oneil Bell was the only fighter to KO Mormeck, but he thinks Bell doesnt deserve his titles.

"I didnt really tried to analyze my last performance against Bell, i basicaly worked hard in training camp with Richie Giachetti, and focused on being ready. One year ago, it wasnt my night. What has Bell done with my titles since then, NOTHING! He didnt even defended these titles. He dropped the IBF belt that way..."

Since january 2006 vs Mormeck, Bell hasnt fought again, which could be explained by the long court problems he had with his management team.

"Well all Mormeck did since then is fight Sebastien Hill, not a big deal if you ask me..."

Its been 5 years since Mormeck fought in France. He fought in USA and Souhth Africa during that absence.

"Im really happy to be back in France. Its been 5 years since i fought here. This fight is just great and i intend to deliver the goods on saturday night. Bell is part of the cruiserweight elite because of me, because of my belts, and im going to get them back."

Lots of verbal exchanges happened at the final presser for their second fight.

"Mormeck, how can you seriously think youll win that night? Im right here, ready to beat you, im full of determination. You always complain about shots on teh back of the head, well only weak scared fighters turn their back to their opponent. When you are ready for a fighter, you dont turn your back fighting him..."

Bell doesnt prepare for this fight as a revenge, but more as an opportunity to confirm his cruiserweight dominance.

"This is like fighting a new fighter for me. Since our last fight, im a new person ready to face a new challenge. I already forgot what happened 14 months ago. Anything can happen saturday night, im ready! I have prepared myself for this fight like never before since Mormeck is a very good fighter, but im a great champion, im a supernova, and i want to make a statement saturday night so fans can reconize my dominance on this division."

A great fight is expected saturday night in a division seeking more definition with all the new prospects knocking at the title shot door. This fight will be for the WBA and WBC title belts.


FINAL KO in the 10th round of Mormeck VS Bell I

Article By: Astor