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Arthur turns up the heat at 130
In an entertaining fight the classy boxer/puncher Alex Arthur overcame a slow start and an awkward southpaw opponent to become the WBO's interim champion in the super-feather division.

This title has been a long time coming for the talented Scot who many thought would be a champion already. Its been a long and arduous road and having overcome a setback stoppage loss along the way when he came in overconfident and complacent against the wild and aggressive Michael Gomez 3 years ago, this will be a sweet victory indeed.

His opponent the Georgian Kobo Gogoladze proved an troublesome and legit opponent especially in the early rounds as his southpaw style and shifty movement proved problematic for the always slowstarting Arthur. Arthur did well to remain composed during these early rounds and his patience was rewarded as he began to edge closer from the 4th round to finally begin to make a real impression on his tricky opponent.

Things were never easy as the head of Gogoladze opened a nasty double cut above and below the right eye of Arthur in the 4th but it never became a factor and was controlled excellently by the corner.

The real breakthough came in the 6th as Arthur now connecting with rising frequency was credited with a knockdown as Gogoladze was cuffed to the floor. The flow of the fight seemed to be with Arthur now and he wasn't going to let it go.

With the Georgian now looking battle weary and forced to stand and engage Arthur more the Scot was finding the target with heavy shots and again in the 8th session he dropped Gogoladze again.

A point off in the 9th for his dangerous headwork further put the cause beyond Gogoladze and when he found himself on the floor again in the 10th it was looking bleak. He showed bravery to rise but the Spanish referee decided he's seen enough and halted the fight in the waning seconds of the round to crown Arthur a champ at last.

Arthur will now look to make the big fights and there are plenty of them available in the talent laden 130 division. He would no doubt like a fight with the WBO full champion Joan Guzman but its looking increasingly likely that Guzman will vacate and move to pastures new and a title shot at 135.

Arthur talked in the aftermath of a homecoming defense at Edinburgh castle but whoever is next will hold no fears for this likeable and exciting boxer who has finally come of age!
Article By: lurkyshaka