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Big Mac ready for big time
In a superb display of controlled boxing backed by some thunderous punching, Welsh ccruiserweight Enzo Maccarinelli posted the most complete performance of his career as he negotiated the challenge that Wayne 'Big Truck' Braithwaite posed.

Maccarinelli HLs

Braithwaite HLs

Much was expected from this fight between two big hitting aggressive fighters and the fight though largely one-sided delivered, althought the cushing KO that many thought was a cert to happen never did which again illustrates what an unpredictable sport this is.

Going into the fight this battle was thought by many observers to be a tight battle that could go either way but in reality Maccarinelli controlled the fight from start to finish though he had to be wary of the power of 'big truck' Braithwaite throughout.

Braithwaite struggled to deal with the jab of Maccarinelli which was fast and powerful and inside the Welsh hero was also the boss. Braithwaite had some moments and landed some decent leather himself but Maccarinelli just had too much and wouldn't relinquish the control he'd gained.

The rounds would follow a similar pattern with Maccarinelli proving the better boxer in each behind his jab and sharp left hooks to both body and head, but Braithwaite would remain a danger in sporadic bursts.

It was a genuine shock to see this fight between two guys who have posted 32 wins inside 4 rounds in a combined record of 49 wins. Braithwaite showed resilience i frankly doubted he posessed to see this fight out and although on the floor in the 5th courteousy of a left hook he held firm under the onslaught and took some body shots that would have caved in the vast majoriy of cruiserweights. How he managed to absorb these punches is still a source of wonder to me though he must be feeling sore right now.

The fight was competitive at all times but i had Maccarinelli pitching a virtual shutout with only one round imo that i could find for Braithwaite. Maccarinelli moves forward and maybe Braithwaites stock also goes up as he showed remarkable toughness and guts.

Now it seems possible that Maccarinelli will find himself paired with the American Steve Cunningham with word that it might feature on the undercard of the Calzaghe/Kessler 168 superfight in November. Cunningham has proven he can travel and win before as when he annexed the IBF strap from the Pole Krzysztof Wlodarczyk on away turf....but the big punching Maccarinelli would be an entirely different proposition.

Its an excellent fight, lets hope it gets made! Dare i say it....the cruiserweight division is exciting!
Article By: lurkyshaka