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Jean Pascal Now Ranked #10 WBC and WBO
Jean Pascal (16-0-0) won a clear decision against Lfarrell Bunteng (16-3-1) last saturday at the Cabaret of the Casino of Montreal. Jean is now ranked #10 of the WBC and WBO super middle weight division.

Jean Pascal delivered another impressive performance, dominating his opponent from start to finish. He again displayed his tremendous agility, and offensive skills.

"Jean Pascal is a full time student, he wants to become a policeman, and i think he did a great job of juggling with the studies, teh gym, and his personal life. A full time student who win his first 16 fights impressively and becomes a top10 ranked fighter is something to be proud of.

Jean Pascal will be having his final exams next month, then he`ll be able to dedicate all his time to his pro career. Jean plans on being a policeman right after his boxing career ends.

Once he`ll dedicated all his time to boxing, we`ll all be able to witness the full potential of this outstanding boxer. In my opinion, in one year, Jean Pascal will be ready for the big names like Mikkel Kessler, Joe Calzaghe, And Librado Andrade."

Yvon Michel, Gym group promoter

Kessler (38-0-0), WBA and WBC champion, will fight #1 contender Librado Andrade (24-0-0) on march 24th at Copenhague.


Also on the same card, Renan St-Juste (13-1-1)won impressively against Christian Cruz (12-7-1). Yvon Michel is actively looking for a North-American title shot for St-Juste. Renan took this fight on a 2 weeks notice. He did a great job considering he is a middle weight and that teh fightw as at super middle weight. Renan was replacing the lefty from montreal Adonis Stevenson who will fight on april 14th at the Casino of Montreal.


Phil Lo Greco (9-0-0) also won his fight last saturday against Jimmy Leblanc with repetitive attacks to the body. Lo Greco and his management are now seriously looking at a shot for teh canadian title belt held by canadian talented boxer from toronto, Victor Lupo (16-0-1).


Article By: Astor