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Luevano/Cook result
Slick American southpaw Steve Luevano proved too much for Nicky Cook in their clash for the WBO 126 crown.

Steve Luevano

Luevano boxed well in the fight and Cook couldn't seem to get out of second gear. After finding himself on the canvas in the second round courteousy of a left hand, Cook found himself with a mountain to climb.

Luevana controlled the first 5 rounds behind the jab as Cook waited too long and let his opponent dictate the tempo and fight at his prefered pace.
Cook finally started to get untracked in the 6th round as he mounted a bit of a comeback in the middle of the fight. After taking the 7th and 8th it looked like Cook was starting to claw his way back into the fight but any momentum he had started to gain was halted in the 9th, as he found himself once again on the canvas from a left hand to the body. Cook rose but was clearly in pain and he was sent tumbling to the canvas again for the 2nd time in the round from another body shot. The bell rang to save him but the writing looked to be on the wall.

Luevano Vs Cook

Realising things looked bleak Cook came out blazing in the 10th in a do or die effort. Showing plenty of guts Cook looked to be winning the round when he was once again put on the floor as much from sheer tiredness as from the punches. Again he rose and the bell came to his rescue but it was all but over, and it soon was in the 11th as yet another hurtful body shot sent him down which prompted Cook's father and trainer to jump into the ring sgnalling to the referee to stop the fight as the third man counted.

The loss with be a bitter pill for Cook to swallow but he fought bravely and gained a measure of credit in defeat for the guts he displayed. A move to 130 might be next on the agenda for Cook who has long struggled to make the feathweight limit.

The relatively unknown Luevano proved to be a class act and his promoter Bob Arum stated that he had big things planned for the talented southpaw
Article By: LURKY