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Luan Krasniqi vs Tony Thompson & undercard results
Tony Thompson (30-1 18KOs), 6 feet 5 inches 248 pounds, who last had fought Timor Ibragimov, brother of heavyweight champion Sultan Ibragimov, gave Luan Krasniqi (30-2-1 14KOs) all he could handle last Saturday. Thompson`s only loos came early in his career against Eric Kirkland (6-0-0) by UD. Krasniqi got his losses against Brewster, Saleta, and a draw against Hoffman. Thompson displayed his superior hand speed and technique. Krasniqi whos performances seem to coincide with a roller coaster didnt look to be in shape for this one. With victories against fighters like Brian Minto, Lance Whitaker, Sinam Samil Sam,David Bostice... a draw against Timo Hoffman and a 1st round KO revenge on Saleta, you would think that Krasniqi is a top level fighter. But he isnt a talented fighter, he normaly imposes his strenght and pressures fighters with heavy shots. He rarely throws effective combinations, but often, his solid imposing physic gets him through tough types of fights.

Krasniqi began the first round pretty well, imposing his strenght with good right hands. But things got complicated when Thompson decided to pressure Krasniqi with his technique and hand speed. Krasniqi had his back against the ropes, trying to block Thompson`s combinaitions. Thompson was throwing and landing vicious jabs during that round. In the fifth round, Thompson started to diversify his attacks, landing hook combinations to the head and body. With 21 seconds left in the 5th, Mark Nelson the referee had to stop the fight and save a very unactive and destroyed Krasniqi from further punishment.

After the fight, the German Fighter (native from Kosovo) Luan Krasniqi declared to his home crowd:

"It was simply not a good day for me. I dont know what was wrong, im really disapointed with my performance."

Tony Thompson:

"I had a very good effective strategy, and i sticked to my gameplan. I dont think Krasniqi realized this was his last chance a a title shot."

At 35 years old, Krasniqi will probably retire. Thompson will be looking for his chance at the WBO title against an opponent thats hould be determined october 13th in the first unification heavyweight bout since 8 years!

On the undercard, Alexander Dimitrenko (26-0-0 16KOs) 6 feet 7 inches 253 pounds was fighting Malcolm Tann (23-3-0 12KOs) 6 feet 6 inches 231 pounds. Dimitrenko is undefeated, and already has some impressive wins for a prospect against experienced fighters like Batchelder, Zumbrun, Basile, Koval, Purrity, Francis...

Dimitrenko Vs Zumbrun

Tann loss his last fight against another top heavyweight propsect fighting that night, Chris Arreola.

Tann Vs Arreola

Dimitrenko is a great heavyweight propsect, has a very interesting and powerful arsenal of punches. His straight right hand is very impressive. His huge physic is probably the most promising frame out there right now.

Dimitrenko took no time to impose his superior boxing skills. He was simply too strong and imposing with his weight and reach avantage over Tann. Dimitrenko used his jab and combinations to get Tann caught near the ropes to then unleash power shots in combinations. Tann is a fighter that can be easily overwhelmed. Dimitrenko basicaly did the same thing Arreola did with Tann and overwhelmed him with pressuring shots and power.

Dimitrenko Vs Tann

Also on the undercard, undefeated power punching prospect Denis Boytsov, 6 feet 1 inch 218 pounds (18-0-0 16KOs), won a UD against Juan Antonio Diaz, 6 feet 5 inches 226 pounds (22-8-1 16KOs).
Article By: Astor