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Hagler Vs Leonard revisited by 10 TTR judges part2
Round 3 revisited by the 10 TTR judges:

Marvelous Marvin Hagler Vs Sugar Ray Leonard round 3

LURKYSHAKA: 10-9 Hagler
Close round. Could have been scored even or even to Leonard. Strong, purposeful start for Hagler, but Leonard came back towards the end and Hagler started to look frustrated. I give it to Hagler just about.

BIZKIT: 10-9 Leonard
This was the closest round thus far, It appeared Leonard landed more

LAGAIDH: 10-9 Leonard
The opening part of the round is fairly even. Hagler can't land on Leonard because he can't catch him and Leonard doesn't land on Hagler because he won't commit. Near the ropes Hagler puts a tiny left hook on Leonard's temple who misses a straight left in return. Hagler lands again near the ropes and has success with a few jabs following Ray away from the ropes. Ray bounces a soft right off of Hagler's dome and tries an uppercut-hook combo that is partially blocked. Ray does some clinching after missed shots; Hagler pounds whatever he can in the clinch. Leonard scores a nice uppercut-hook-hook (all rights) off of a clinch. In the last 30 seconds Ray punches off clinches and leads a little bit scoring the crispest punches of the round. The round is ugly all the way, but Leonard gets it from me for still controlling the space in the ring and scoring a few more clean blows than Hagler. Close.

QUICK SLICK: 10-9 Hagler
Leonard landing occasionally, Hagler landing frequently, Sugar missing alot towards the end of the round, close one!

ERISON: 10-9 Hagler
Hagler finally closed the distance, landing big shots

GUYSTA: 10-9 Hagler
Hagler took control from the opening bell in this round. Landed a bunch of shots all over SRL. Leonard looked tired already in this round. He still managed to get off some "pretty" looking combos that didn't do much to Hagler. But Hagler was ALL OVER HIM. This was one of the most one-sided rounds of the fight. Hagler roughed him up pretty good and did a great job of cutting off the ring. Every clinch by SRL winds up with Hagler landing more body shots while SRL waits for the ref to break it up.

this round the southpaw stance for Hagler enables him to find Leonard more often with power shots. Hagler noticeably avoids the clinch in this round by pulling his hands in and pushing Leonard back and throwing off the would be clinch. Close round.

CEELOWSBACK: 10-9 Hagler
Hagler just pumped up the pressure. Increased his attack and is giving Leonard some problems

w/ effective aggression.

RASTA666: 10-9 Hagler
Frustrating round to score. Either guy could have eeked it out. I give it to Hagler as it really becomes obvious here that Leonard is trying to steal rounds not win them.

Hagler more aggresive and throwing more punches. Leonard still keeping with the pace. Many shots from both parties were parried. Hagler busier, Leonard more accurate. Neither domiantes the round.

Round 4 revisited by the 10 TTR judges:

Marvelous Marvin Hagler Vs Sugar Ray Leonard round 4

LURKYSHAKA: 10-9 Leonard
Slick defensive work by Leonard. Hagler pushing forward but struggling to land his shots as Leonard counters well.

BIZKIT: 10-9 Leonard
Bout the same as round 2, Ray was far more active and landed more

LAGAIDH: 10-9 Leonard
Hagler comes out aggressive but Leonard's feet save him from harm. Hagler is constantly missing. They get close and Ray gets the better of a small exchange. Ray seems less tentative and leads a little. Hagler gets the better of a small exchange. Ray unloads a wound up gut shot that looks very hard. The pattern seems set: Ray will play just about even with Hagler for most of the round and then turn it on at the end to pull slightly ahead. Hagler lands his best punch of the fight so far around :15 to go; a nice left hook that slightly whips Leonard's head around. Same old story as the previous three rounds, although Hagler does seem to be closing in on Ray, I have to give this round to Leonard based yet again on superior control of the ringspace and a higher output of crisply landed punches. (I might not complain if you give this to Hagler, or score it even. But I try my damned-est to always pick a round-winner.)

QUICK SLICK: 10-9 Leonard
Hagler can't find Leonard in this round, missing the target alot, Sugar Ray landing his signature haymaker to the body plus a 4-punch combo at 20 seconds left made a good impression and was enough to score him the round.

ERISON: 10-9 Leonard
Big round for Leonard landings flurries at will

GUYSTA: 10-9 Leonard
Hagler falls back into the follow mode in this round. Leonard does a great job of potshotting and getting out. He had great footwork in this round and really kept Hagler at bay with good stick and move combos. It was somewhat like the first round where Hagler spent more time following and covering up than throwing.

FIGHTFANATIC: 10-9 Leonard
A close round that at a glance was dominated by srl and his ability to control the distance and when the fight was fought. However on the inside hagler landed the harder more telling blows. Both men had a few moments that could sway a potential judge but IMO srl may have snuck this round.

CEELOWSBACK: 10-9 Leonard
Leonards connects w/ some good counters. Hagler needs to stop thinking too much instead of increasing his volume of punches.

RASTA666: 10-9 Leonard
Leonard by a slim margin. Hagler appears frustrated.

Leonard easily jabs his way through this round. Taunts Hagler towards the end.
Article By: Astor & TTR judges team