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Hagler Vs Leonard revisited by 10 TTR judges part3
Round 5 revisited by the 10 TTR judges

Marvelous Marvin Hagler Vs Sugar Ray Leonard round 5

LURKYSHAKA: 10-9 Hagler
Very tough to score. Leonard edging the first 2 minutes by landing the cleaner, more obviously visible punches. Hagler started to crowd him and get some punches off in the last 40 seconds to take it.

BIZKIT: 10-9 Hagler
Big round for Marvin, Worked Ray over harder than he felt in the previous 4 rounds combined

LAGAIDH: 10-9 Hagler
Right away Hagler lands a really solid shot square in Leonard's belly. Ray moves and tries to answer but Hagler is really stalking this time. Ray seems a little slower and there is back and forth action, Ray's punches look cleaner, but Marvin's appear to hurt more. Pitty-pat from Ray, leaping right hook from Hagler; he looked like a reversed Joe Frazier there! Ray takes it well. Ray tries to pull the round even up with hustle. If I can believe it now Hagler is landing a good right jab and Leonard is missing with hooks from both hands. Ray thought he had Hagler hurt but got fooled. Hagler returns with thudding shots to Ray's dome (who is still taking it well). Ray unloads with a tough-looking combo to Marvin's gut! Some circling, light skirmishing. Hagler misses a straight left but follows up and really twists Ray's head with a second. They fight inside and Hagler lands a monster uppercut right on the point of Ray's chin. This is an action round both ways! Ray looks buzzed for a sec. Wow Hagler takes Ray to the ropes for a little punishment. Ray instinctively flails back.Great round of fighting. Hagler gets the round on my card for dishing out more pain: the name of the game. It appears that he's had "enough of this shit." Chevy Chase!

QUICKSLICK: 10-9 Hagler
Leonard lands right hand frequently, also nice 1-2's and uppercut-left hook combos, Sugar weaving nicely to avoid Hagler's punches but Marvin finishes strong and wobbles Leonard at the end of the round

ERISON: 10-9 Leonard
Hagler had him in trouble at the end, but too little too late

GUYSTA: 10-9 Hagler
Leonard starts off the round with some nice combos in the first minute. It looks as though it is going to be more of the same as the last round. But then Hagler starts imposing his will. He really starts forcing the action and Leonard can't keep up. Hagler never stops throwing! Leonard lands a few more good combos throughout the round, but Hagler is relentless with his pursuit and is cutting off the ring great. By the end of the round, Hagler is in complete control and is wearing SRL down.

lots of action and big shots in this round. Both men found their opponent with regularity. Very close, tough round to score, but I gave it to Hagler. Again his work inside with body shots and in this round the uppercut (see 28 sec mark) win him the round. *Nice mind play by mmh after the round with the little shove*

CEELOWSBACK: 10-9 Hagler
Hagler stole it towards the later part o fthe rd w/ some really hard shots. Hagler kept getting stronger through out teh rd. Throwing and landing some telling shots.

RASTA666: 10-9 Hagler
Haglers rd although Leonard looked flashy at the start. Hagler finally cut the ring off somewhat.

Hagler neutralises SRL's mobility far better in this round. Leonard reluctant to trade, Hagler throwing far more, and landing far more. Traps Leonard on the ropes and brawls with him.

Round 6 revisited by the 10 TTR judges

Marvelous Marvin Hagler Vs Sugar Ray Leonard round 6

LURKYSHAKA: 10-9 Leonard
Leonard looked weary but seemed to be playing possum a bit. Hagler slow and innaccurate and Leonard able to land some good shots

BIZKIT: 10-9 Hagler
Close round, couldnt argue it going to Leonard

LAGAIDH: 10-9 Leonard
Hagler lunges Ray holds on, when Ray lets go he fires a few shots. Ray isn't moving like he was and Hagler can land some, but Ray throws back if he's not moving. Hagler looks much stronger. Ray fights well from the pocket dodging shots and returning weak fire. Ray starts sliding away a bit, still landing shots seemingly at will. They do not seem hurtful however. Hagler gets Ray on the ropes for an uppercut. Ray moves off and flurries, ending with a hook to the gut. Ray is just laser guiding his punches no matter the force behind them. Hagler grins to say "Not hurt" but it's too bad because he isn't scoring. Last 10 seconds are on the ropes with Hagler getting the better of the exchange. Ray gets this round. He was way more active and accurate and could still move just enough to nullify Hagler's will to do damage.

QUICKSLICK: 10-9 Leonard
Leonard trying to jab his way out of exchanges and elusive at the second half of the fight, Hagler pinned him on the ropes but Sugar defending well, scoring in the process, nice controlling of the center of the ring, nice combos to end the round.

ERISON: 10-9 Leonard
Hagler seems unable to jab in the orthodox stance

GUYSTA: 10-9 Leonard
Hagler starts off with a nice left and then a good jab and looks to continue to control the fight. Ray than lands a nice counter. Ray then lands a nice combo to the body, but Hagler counters it with a beautiful left. It seems to disuade Leonard from trying that again that round. For the rest of the first minute and some change, Hagler goes to the body and controls the round. But for some ungodly reason, he completely goes away from the body for the rest of the round and throws a bunch of wild shots at Leonard's head missing horribly. Leonard is countering and throwing nice combos and getting out of harms way in the meantime and comes out of the round looking much better than he had in the previous round.


CEELOWSBACK: 10-9 Leonard
Leonard almost let that rd slip away, it was his to lose, and Hagler was too late in applying pressure on Leonard and overwhelming him.

RASTA666: 10-9 Leonard
This one to Leonard, he simply landed more w/o fighting.

Leonard uses his jab, speed and combos to counter-act the inside game of Hagler. Marvin has little success whenever he gets close to Sugar Ray. Leonard parrying his best efforts.
Article By: Astor & TTR judges team