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Who Wins Canelo vs Golovkin III?


What does the world await?
When it was announced that reigning welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather would be climbing upto the 154 weight class to challenge the WBC champion and the 'Golden Boy' Oscar Delahoya....boxing fans the world over held their breath. After much posturing and talk from both men the fight was finally made and in less than a months time one of the biggest fights in boxing history will finally become a reality. Lets take a look at some of the key question that people have as we get ready for this mouthwatering fight.

Who has the most to gain/lose from this fight?

This is a difficult question really and not so simple to answer. Shades of grey for sure.

Obviously Mayweather will be putting his unbeaten record and his P4P status on the line in the fight, but Delahoya also risks his legacy here in a fight he doesn't 'need' but instead has chosen to take.

If Mayweather wins the fight, it will be easy for Delahoya fans to claim that Oscar was way past his best and at the end of the line. This line of thinking may hold a little weight but not much in this writers opinion. Oscar looked excellent against another former welterweight champion in his last fight as he crushed the Nicaraguan wildman Ricardo Mayorga in a clinical display of power and precision punching. So although this might not be absolute primetime Oscar, it is still a fighter right near the top of his game.

On the other hand in the event of an Delahoya win, i would expect to see claims from Mayweather fans that he was just to small and should never have been up at 154 anyway. Again this argument might hold a little water, but remember that Oscar also has risen through the weights and this fight is one that Floyd Mayweather himself has always wanted and indeed demanded. If Floyd has gotten himself into deep waters, well he 'chose' to swim out there.

A win for Mayweather would be huge and would reaffirm his P4P credentials and really put him atop the boxing world....But a win for Oscar would also be massive, and would skyrocket him back to prominance after a few years of relative inactivity.

I think overall that Mayweather has slightly more to gain here than Oscar, but also perhaps slightly more to lose aswell.

How substancial is the size difference between the two men and will it be a factor?

Looking at the stats we can see that Oscar is listed as 5'101/2, while Floyd is listed as 5'8....but is should be added that many believe that maybe 5'7 is a bit closer to the truth for Floyd. But the height differential doesn't appear to that great around the 2-3 inches range.

And a look at their reach measurments reveals that Oscar will only enjoy and inch of extra reach on Floyd. One inch is nothing and so they are pretty even on this one.

Both men first won world titles in the junior lightweight or superfeathweight division and so it might appear that the size differential is not all that much. But a closer look at the two mens frames reveals Oscar to be much the bigger guy. Floyd has a small slight frame and looked maxed out at welter so the move to 154 is a stretch for him. He stays around the 150 mark even when not in training and indeed will have to eat up to the weight limit for this fight. He was arguably at his best at 135 and 140 and for this fight he will be competing quite some way above those poundages.

While Oscar on the other looked like a bean pole at the lower weights and clearly his body could handle the extra bulk as he moved up the weights. Arguably at his best at 147 and after an ill advised but historical attempt to wrest the middleweight crown from Bernard Hopkins, he has grown into a strong and natural 154 fighter. A healthy walk around weight for Oscar would be in the 160-170 range. All things being equal these two fighters are at least two weight classes apart from each other in natural size. Oscar will hold a signicant size in edge on Floyd and that cannot be discounted as a possible factor in the fight.

Is Oscar the biggest puncher Floyd has faced? and how will his power affect Floyd?

I think the answer to the first question has to be a resounding yes. Floyd has faced punchers in the past in Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo but he has never faced a man with the firepower that Delahoya possesses. To be fair Oscar hadn't been noted as a particularly destructive hitter at 154 though his destruction of Mayorga maybe caused a reavaluation of this, but Oscar was a known and feared puncher at 135-140 and 147 and these are Floyd's natural classes. Is Oscar going to be the hardest puncher Floyd has faced? Of course!

Maybe more importantly though is to look at how this power will affect Floyd. Well i think its fair to say that if Delahoya lands cleanly with a punch then Floyd will be dramatically hurt. If the iron chinned Mayorga was left dazed and confused then Mayweather can be hurt absolutely no doubt if he's caught....but can he be caught? While Oscar was able to land clean punches on the defensively lapse Mayorga it won't be so easy to hit one of the slickest defensive fighters around in Pretty Boy Floyd.....and there's the rub.

Is Mayweather the quickest fighter that Oscar has faced?

Again a key question and one that might hold the answer when looking to pick a winner of the fight. Mayweather is noted for his rapidity and speed but how fast is he really and has Oscar met anyone faster?

Well immediatly the name of Shane Mosley springs to mind. Oscar has of course faced Shane twice and of course lost to Mosley both times. I would say that Mosley has a decided speed advantage over Mayweather when it comes to pure handspeed, and at no time was Oscar simply outsped fisically by Mosley in their encounters.

What about footspeed? Well maybe here Mayweather could be considered the quickest fighter Oscar has met. Mosley is fast on his feet also but crucially is not know for especially great foot movement, whilst Floyd is famed for his ring intelligence and fluid movement. This is one edge and area that Mayweather will be looking to fully exploit....though one other thing to mention is that Oscar might well be the second quickest men that Floyd has fought. Only Zab Judah who Floyd beat on a 12 round decision after some early difficulty would be favoured to hold a decided edge in quickness over Oscar, out of Floyd's opposition.

Who has the better corner?

If this fight wasn't eagerly anticipated enough we had the added intrigue of Floyd Mayweather Snr being Oscars chief second over the last few years but then when his pay demands weren't met him flipping sides and adding his influence to 'Lil Floyds campaign. Snr won't be the chief second for his son against Oscar but he will certainly have some major input we expect. He's in the camp and will be helping out and offering his advise and inside will it help? Well it can't hurt Mayweather to have an inside track on what Oscar's strengths and weaknesses are of course, but i think at this stage of his career we all know what Oscar does well and what he doesn't and so how much useful information can Floyd Snr really impart? Its debatable really.

So for Oscar, out went Floyd Snr and in came one of the most respected and reserved trainers around today in Freddie Roach. Quite a change from the bombastic and arrogant Floyd Snr, how useful will Roach be in Oscar's quest to snap Mayweather's unbeaten streak? Well Freddie brings a quiet assurance to his camps and will be setting out multiple gameplans for Oscar to follow. Freddie is a thinker and having him thinking on your side is a good thing no doubt.

Maybe the corner issue is pretty equal all things considered. Floyd has his uncle and father in his corner, the guys who taught him how to fight and the people who know him best. If anyone understands how to get the best out of him its these two men. But Oscar has chosen well when picking Roach to be his second for this fight. At this stage in his career Oscar doesn't need someone to teach him how to fight, but he might need some quiet guidance and Roach fits that bill perfectly.

What will the fight plans be?

Looking at this from the Mayweather point of view its really not a hard one to work out.

Floyd despite his talk of going toe to toe and in the trenches with Oscar, will be instead looking to employ a hit and move pure boxing strategy. He won't want to stand still for a moment and risk letting Oscar uncork a left hook and so will be constantly shifting and looking for countering opportunites off the backfoot. Floyd heard boos when he used a similar tactic against Carlos Baldomir for the welter crown, but if he hears similar boos in this one it will be music to his ears. If boos are sounding it'll mean that Floyd is being successful at implementing the fight plan he needs to use to be successful. The uneducated fan might want to see blood and guts, but Floyd will be looking to use artisty and slickness in this one and thats the right thing to do.

Oscar's fight plan is a little more fluid, with him perhaps having a few more options available to him. Some expect to see him come charging out immedialty looking to make his power felt by bullrushing the smaller man while others are expecting a more careful and thoughful plan where Oscar will seek to use his jab and a more controlled boxing approach.

Id expect to see a bit of both from Oscar in the fight with him at first coming out behind his jab and up on his toes and only going right at Floyd when he feels he has a decided edge or if he feels the fight is slipping away from him. Oscar is a boxer first and foremost and people shouldn't expect him to come out bombing like Lamotta in this one, though im sure he will look to land something significant early.

It will likely be a game of cat and mouse between these two men as both look to force their opponent into mistakes which they can exploit. Mayweather to counter and move, while Oscar will attempt to counter and hurt.

The jab of Oscar could well be a key factor in this fight. If he can dictate behind it he can maybe set up his left hook specials. But if Floyd is successful at negating Oscar's jab by using movement and defense then he will have taken away one of Delahoya most potent weapons.

Will Mayweather retire after this fight?

He claims he will after this fight is through, but will he really? Well he might do...but he won't stick to it. Win, lose or draw we will see Floyd Mayweather in a ring again.

If he beats Oscar he will probably announce his immediate retirement but can a guy who loves this sport and the attention it brings him really walk away when his earning power would be at its very greatest and he would have truly arrived on the superstar level?? Could you? No and neither will Floyd if he does win in May.

A loss and Floyd will soon seek to re-establish himself either in the form of a rematch or by dropping down in weight to other challenges. He will have the ready made and perhaps legit argument that he was too small for 154 and there will be plenty of further big fight opportunites available to him.

A guy with an ego like Floyd's will not be able to walk off into the sunset no matter what happens in May and thats a caste iron certainty.

Who wins?

Well i of course have my thoughts. But as 'the world awaits' maybe i'll leave this one for you to decide!
Article By: lurkyshaka