TUF 21 Finale Salaries

Pay Boxers and MMA Fighters receive from the cards they fought on straight from the commissions.
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TUF 21 Finale Salaries

Post by Primetyme199 » Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:51 am

Stephen Thompson: $42,000 ($21k to win, $21k to show) + $50,000 POTN bonus
Jake Ellenberger: $73,000

Kamaru Usman: $20,000 ($10k to win, 10k to show) + $50,000 POTN bonus
Hayder Hassan: $10,000

Michael Graves: $20,000 ($10k to win, 10k to show)
Vicente Luque: $10,000

Jorge Masvidal: $102,000 ($51k to win $51k to show) + $50,000 POTN bonus
Cezar Ferreira: $20,000

Michelle Waterson: $30,000 ($15k to win, $15k to show)
Angela Magana: $10,000

Maximo Blanco: $41,400 ($23k to win, $18,400 to show)*
Mike De La Torre: $17,600*

Josh Samman: $20,000 ($10k to win, $10k to show) + $50,000 POTN bonus
Caio Magalhaes: $20,000

Jerrod Sanders: $20,000 ($10k to win, $10k to show)
Russell Doane: $11,000

Trevor Smith: $34,000 ($17k to win, $17k to show)
Dan Miller: $25,000

George Sullivan: $30,000 ($15k to win, $15k to show)
Dominic Waters: $10,000

Willie Gates: $20,000 ($10k to win, $10k to show)
Darrell Montague: $ 10,000

*Blanco was fined %20 of his purse for missing weight.
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