Ike Quartey vs Vernon Forrest

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Ike Quartey vs Vernon Forrest

Post by gilgamesh »

I remembered thinking Ike Quartey got jobbed really bad here, and I felt bad for him because he took it real hard.

Round 1: Quartey
Round 2: Quartey
Round 3: Quartey
Round 4: Quartey
Round 5: Quartey
Round 6: Quartey
Round 7: Forrest
Round 8: Quartey
Round 9: Even (9-9 round, somebody lost a point, I don't remember who)
Round 10: Forrest

My final score is 97-92 Quartey on this one. I already had what should've been an insurmountable lead on my card before Forrest had even managed to win a round. I don't know if the rest of you would see it a wide as me, but I don't think too many people would argue that Quartey didn't deserve the win here. Give it a look if you haven't.

Official Scores
96-93 Forrest (Judge: Tony Paolillo)
95-94 Forrest (Judge: Melvina Lathan)
95-94 Forrest (Judge: Steve Weisfeld)

So all 3 judges got this one wrong to me.

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