50 Classic YouTube Boxing Clips

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50 Classic YouTube Boxing Clips

Post by Primetyme199 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 9:37 am

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The vast majority of us are on lockdown due to coronavirus and its hold on the global population. Fight fans are sharing great bouts, forgotten classics and much more, but here are 50 hidden boxing clips you might not have previously uncovered featuring the good, the bad and the ugly.

50. Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti sign autographs in 2003

These two should have spent their remaining years doing this kind of thing together. Micky still does some signings, Gatti died in Brazil in 2009.


49. House of legendary boxer Jack Johnson catches fire in Galveston

It’s always interesting to see where the greats lived, even if we might not be able to understand how they lived.


48. Inside the Kronk Gym

Hallowed boxing turf as fight aficionados would prefer to remember it as opposed to the derelict building it became until a fire in 2017.


47. Ray Arcel interview with Dick Cavett

One of the great minds of the sport captured in a wonderful long-form, three-part interview.


46. Deer Lake as it is today

Mike Madden, son of NFL legend John, bought the camp several years ago and is working on returning Muhammad Ali’s former training HQ back to its former glory.


45. George Foreman on the heavybag

One of the all-time great heavyweights doing what he became noted for in training, making unusual shapes with heavy leather punch bags.


44. Archie Moore and Carl ‘Bobo’ Olson pre-fight preparations

Two superb fighters, lovely vintage footage in the build-up to their fight, which Moore won in round three.


43. Brain damage in boxing

It’s all-too easy to look away from the sharp-end of the sport, but we should never forget the sacrifices those who entertain us pay.


42. Chuck Wepner fighting a bear

It wouldn’t happen today, it’s unbelievable that it happened here. The Bayonne Bleeder recalls getting mauled by a monster.


41. Roberto Duran sparring Nigel Benn

Rare footage from 1988 that has been at the centre of gym stories ever since.


40. Danny Green and James Toney sparring at the Wild Card Gym

We knew James Toney always had attitude, but here Toney and Green batter and smack talk one another all the way through.


39. Angelo Dundee interviews Willie Pep

Two legends, two sharp minds, a great trainer and a great fighter and neither are here any longer. Absolute gold dust.


38. Sonny Liston in training

Whether it was skipping to Night Train, showing no mercy on his sparring partners or just cutting a menacing figure, there was no one like Sonny.


37. Sugar Ray Robinson interview (1952)

The charisma, the personality, the greatness. This was Sugar when he was at his sweetest.


36. Rocky Graziano on Johnny Carson

One of the great personalities, a hard man who endured hard fights and hard times.


35. Tony Galento in training

Proof that former heavyweight Tony Galento wasn’t all fun and games.


34. Girls helps Tony Galento to exercise while he drinks beer at Miami Beach

Proof that Galento didn’t take his training too seriously.


33. Beau Jack

A lovely tribute to a lightweight legend who doesn’t get an enormous amount of credit today.


32. Mike Tyson wrestles with his tigers

‘Iron’ Mike was known for his chaos, but he was at peace playing with his white tigers.


31. Larry Holmes/Trevor Berbick street brawl

One of the ‘great’ boxing street fights that sees Larry Holmes flying over a parked car to get at Berbick.


30. Lessons from Angelo Dundee

As it says, the legendary trainer of Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard imparts some valuable wisdom.


29. Legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum on marijuana

Bob was a Harvard law graduate and he’s a Hall of Fame promoter, but he’s also become an advocate for weed. Here, Amber Dixon asks him why he uses it.


28. Abandoned child who became a boxing legend

The tragic story of Matthew Saad Muhammad, Philly street urchin, world champion, homeless former champ, it’s almost all here.


27. Mike Tyson on the pads with Kevin Rooney

One of the great sights in boxing training, Tyson on the pads working that old Cus D’Amato system.


26. Aaron Pryor v Tommy Hearns from the amateurs

We wish we saw it in the pros, here is one of the reasons why Pryor was desperate to get back in with ‘The Hitman’.


25. Freddie Roach – How it all started

Roach has a fantastic story and he tells it so well.


24. Mike Tyson interview in Catskill

These were the romantic, glorious, halcyon days of the 1980s before it all went so spectacularly wrong.


23. Teddy Atlas best corner moments

In need of motivation, if you’re a fan of Atlas and his corner work, you can’t miss these classics.


22. The search for the lost film of Harry Greb

If only we had some fight footage of the great Greb to put in here. These people tried to find some.


21. Jack Dempsey in full colour

Transport yourself back to the 1920s and enjoy the ‘Manassa Mauler’ in his pomp.


20. Cus D’Amato on fear

One of the great trainers talking about a side of the sport not often discussed. It’s one of the many things that set him apart.


19. James Toney sparring Gerald McClellan

More Toney sparring, this time against the ferocious McClellan.


18. Rubin Carter interview

There’s not much around about Carter in his fighting days, but this includes some interesting reflections from the divisive former middleweight contender.


17. Muscular dystrophy commercial with Ezzard Charles

Back then, boxing wasn’t linked to neurological issues such as ALS. It is now.


16. David Frost interviews Muhammad Ali in Deer Lake

Two of the greats combine for a classic interview.


15. Rocky Marciano’s death

The story of Marciano’s demise and the plane crash that claimed his life.


14. Check out the legendary Blue Horizon

The grand old lady of Philadelphia fights before it was left to deteriorate.


13. Rare Archie Moore interview

‘The Old Mongoose’ knew the sport inside out and thankfully interviews like this have been preserved.


12. Leon Spinks fighting cancer

A very recent piece on the poor health of the incomparable ‘Neon’ Leon.


11. De La Hoya-Leonard in skip off

You’d have to say an aging Leonard shows up ‘The Golden Boy’ in this watchable clip from The Contender.


10. Muhammad Ali talking boxing with Cus D’Amato

There was speculation that D’Amato was Ali’s first choice before Angelo Dundee. They would have made a formidable duo.


9. The infamous Holmes-Spinks post-fight press conference

For many, Larry Holmes was never forgiven after the comments he made at this infamous presser.


8. Legends rematch: Tony Zale v Rocky Graziano charity exhibition w/Jake LaMotta

Three middleweight legends meet to raise money, doing what they do best.

7. Mike Tyson throws water over Don King

This was at the International Boxing Hall of Fame a couple of years ago. Tyson since said he’d called his old promoter and they’d made up. Again.


6. Don King waxing lyrical in 1976

The shock-haired promoter in full flow, when King was king.


5. Max Schmeling and Joe Louis reunited

Lovely footage of these two old heavyweight rivals who remained good friends into old age.


4. Charlie Chaplin KOs Jack Dempsey

Dempsey suffers an unlikely defeat to the silent star.


3. Ezzard Charles training tribute

Some say Charles is the best light-heavyweights of all time. This is a brilliant compilation of training footage.


2. Mike McCallum-Tommy Hearns sparring

Become a fly on the wall at The Kronk to watch some old-school Kronk sparring.


1. Marvin Hagler training footage

Hagler was a hard and dedicated trainer. This is one of the greats in his office.

The fighters he's beaten aren't even household names in their own household.

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