"I'm going to beat his A**"

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"I'm going to beat his A**"

Post by theVAMP » Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:48 pm

M: Looks like you were finally able to get into the win column. How does it feel?

V: Feels normal, this is what i expect to happen, that losing shit is crazy man, for the birds.

M: This week you're set to face Drinquor in a rematch. Your first match ended in a draw


V: This guy man, has been a thorn in my side man. Challenge 25, then the draw. I gots to get one of him man. Nothing personal, but if i see his name above mine any longer, i might snap.

M: It's obvious he's a close match up for you, how you see the rematch playing out?

V: I'm going to beat his ass. We going to go up in there real smooth like, real smooth, then i'm going to lay hands on this sucker. He's going to feel me, ya dig?

M: Recently the Champion the13r says he's looking to face the winner of this fight should he retain his titles, knowing there's so much at stake do you feel any added pressure?

V: You jiving me man.. this gots to be a joke. Don't be yanking my chain like that.

M: No, he recently announced it today.

V: Well, that's what's happening then man, then i can dig that. He got to see me anyway. He been ducking me from day 1.

M: What is your strategy headed into this bout?

V: Fool! you see these hands? I'm #4 hardest hitter right now. #4. And after i do a number on this chump, i'll be headed towards the top. We going to go in there like every fight i had, and punch him in the face. That's the game plan. Everyone know they have to bring it vs me. So he already knows what he's getting into.

M: Any last words to your fans?

V: We here baby, we about to shake up the world. He's getting KO'd. Print that shit.

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Re: "I'm going to beat his A**"

Post by straycat » Wed May 02, 2018 12:18 am

>^^< ŚŤŔÚŤ!
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