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Dr Cagiva’s anti-viral cocktail

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:14 pm
by Cagiva9
There’s a Canadian YouTube cooking show called Glen & Friends. Awhile back I watched one of his videos where he makes a batch of ginger beer. There’s also a prequel to that video where he makes a “ginger bug” , this is the starter that provides the yeast for the beer. In the videos Glen uses a loose jar top method but if you are doing this regularly get some airlocks (see pic.).

Anyway when this whole corona virus thing started, I kicked this recipe up a few notches to make an anti-viral cocktail of sorts. I increased the ginger to almost 3/4 pound per gallon, to that I added elderberries, allspice and star anise. All these ingredients have antiviral properties. I’d list the studies but you could easily google them yourselves if you are interested. ... _relevance -(a main ingredient of Tamiflu)

You can adjust the fermentation times and sugar to get a brew somewhere between 2-7% alcohol. I add kava kava to about 1/4 of it, which makes for an effect similar to alcohol but more like a low dose Valium

Re: Dr Cagiva’s anti-viral cocktail

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 11:43 am
by Cagiva9
Elderberries, Red Wine and Blueberries all three have high amounts of Quercetin. It may be likely that the high Quercetin content of these foods is the reason for their measurable anti-viral properties. So what would be better than supplementing Zinc and Quercetin together to elevate intracellular Zinc levels in order to inhibit viral replication?
Definitely safer and easier to get than taking Hydroxychloroquine.

https://nutritionalpharmacology.wordpre ... quercetin/

Ginger, by the way, is a good source of zinc. Though a cheeseburger might be a better source.