Smoked Shrimp

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Smoked Shrimp

Post by Primetyme199 »

I decided to smoke some shrimp today. Made a mix of garlic powder, onion powder, adobo, and ground maple bacon. Put the shrimp in a large ziploc bag, covered them with olive oil then added the spice mixture. Tossed everything to coat and season, then put in the fridge for a few hours. Smoked them at 225 with cherry wood for 18 minutes. They were delicious.
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Re: Smoked Shrimp

Post by wimpy »

Ground maple bacon sounds good.
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Re: Smoked Shrimp

Post by chef97 »

Those shrimps look as good as they probably tasted.... Thanks for sharing Prime! I'm still on assignment in Colorado so, I haven't had a chance to use my smoker lately.... As always, happy cooking!
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Re: Smoked Shrimp

Post by Canvas »

Damn that sounds delicious

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