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Hey Chef

Post by the13r » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:47 pm

Mylene decided to encourage my passion for cooking and bought me this Hand Hammered baby:

more details:
http://www.lagostina.ca/html/productDet ... dsubcat=22

2K suggested price here with taxes...

Ive tried it tonight by inventing a ravioli reciepe... Used wonton frozen paste and made a filling with a pork/beef/veal blend, grated carrots, onions, garlics, fresh parlsye, fresh basilic, spinach... then threw that in a robo

added strong cheddar and 2 eggs...

made the raviolis, steamed hem, then fried them in peanut oil...

instead of sauce, it was hot today so i started the BBQ at 500 and put a pan of cherry tomatoes (yellow, red, orange) cut in half... red onions slices, garlic, red pepper pieces, oil, salt pepper... roasted them... served that on top of the raviolis with grated parmeggiano reggiano...

fresh basilic on top...


and those pan are PERFECT!!! i need to drop from max heat on the gas stove to medium because they conduct so well... even at max with my prior pans, if i threw too much meat at the same time, it went from frying/browning to boiling... NO MORE!!!!


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Re: Hey Chef

Post by chef97 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:25 am

Wow! Those Raviolis sound and I know they tasted amazing! As you know the French set the standards in the culinary world and you have natural talent as a culinarian.... 8) And those pots and pans were built to last and I'll bet it won't be long until Lil Astor is making pasta w/ his mom & dad using this same set...... I just got my new pot & pan set in the mail yesterday but they are more middle of the road Food Network brand.... And I haven't used them yet because I mostly cook outside on the grill this time of year.... Anyways, as always, happy cooking! :D

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