Lucas Matthysse vs Devon Alexander

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Lucas Matthysse vs Devon Alexander

Post by gilgamesh »

I remembered having Matthysse the clear winner here, and this being one of many questionable decisions that went in Devon Alexander's favor.

Round 1: Alexander
Round 2: Matthysse
Round 3: Matthysse
Round 4: Matthysse 10-8
Round 5: Alexander
Round 6: Alexander
Round 7: Matthysse
Round 8: Matthysse
Round 9: Alexander
Round 10: Matthysse

My final score was 96-93 Lucas Matthysse

The Official scores were
96-93 Alexander (Judge: Carlos Colon)
95-94 Alexander (Judge: Dennis Nelson)
96-93 Matthysse (Judge: Brett Miller

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