Montell Griffin vs Rico Hoye

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Montell Griffin vs Rico Hoye

Post by gilgamesh »

I doubt this fight stands out much if at all in the memories of fight fans, but it fits the category.

Rico Hoye wound up getting a gift decision, but my scorecard reads like this.

Round 1: Griffin
Round 2: Griffin
Round 3: Hoye
Round 4: Griffin
Round 5: Griffin
Round 6: Hoye
Round 7: Griffin
Round 8: Hoye
Round 9: Griffin
Round 10: Griffin
Round 11: Griffin
Round 12: Hoye

So as you can see I had Montell Griffin the clear winner there, and I remember thinking it was a ridiculous robbery because there was no way you could've honestly had Hoye winning in my mind.

116-112 Montell Griffin is my final score on that one. Griffin got jobbed.

Official Scores
115-113 Griffin (Judge: Gary Merritt)
116-112 Hoye (Judge: Dale Grable)
116-112 Hoye (Judge: Bill Paige)

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