Same day events that happened in boxing history
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Post by Astor » Thu Feb 01, 2007 9:21 pm

February 21
Wayne Braithwaite (19-0) TKO 4 Ravea Springs
Rodney Tappin W 4 Arnold Hill
Willie Stewart KO 1 Kenworth Minus
Ian MacKillop TKO 6 Agustin Silva
Roman Martinez KO 3 Adisone Sengaroun
Julio Garcia W 10 Irvin Garcia
Stevie Johnston (35-2-1) KO 6 Ever Beleno
Antonio Diaz (37-4-1) Tech Draw 2 Edwin Vazquez
Rolando Reyes W 4 Manuel Bocanegra
Hussein Hussein (22-0) W 10 Wande Chor Chareon (39-4)
Daniel Dawson KO 1 Barry Hancock
Vernon Payne (10-0) Tech Dec 6 Bernardo Guereca (6-3-1)
Cuauhtemoc Vargas (8-0) TKO 7 Julian Rodriguez (13-8-1)
Lawrence Tauasa W 12 Tosca Petridis
Marc Bargero Tech Draw 6 Shannan Taylor
Marco Primera TKO 4 Dante Craig
Kelvin Davis KO 1 Rogerio Lobo
Wade Clout W 8 Matt Shaw
Jung Min TKO 2 Avinesh Kumay Singh
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Post by RASTA666 » Thu Feb 01, 2007 11:37 pm

Its 1937 and Sixto Escobar retains his World Bantamweight title with a 15 rd unanimous decision over Lou Salica.
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Post by straycat » Sun Feb 21, 2010 8:50 am

1935 - Joe Louis vs Lee Ramage - Won by TKO in Round 2
When training for his fight against Ramage, Louis noticed a young female secretary for the black newspaper Chicago Defender at the gym. After defeating Ramage, the secretary, Marva Trotter, was invited to the celebration party at Chicago's Grand Hotel Trotter would later become Louis's first wife in 1935

1998- Juan Carlos Gomez in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, wrested the WBC cruiserweight crown from reigning champion, Marcelo Fabian Dominguez via a unanimous decision. He would successfully defend the title ten times over the next three years, before finally vacating the title in February 2002, in order to move up to the Heavyweight ranks
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TTR Superfights Challenge #9 Champion
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Post by straycat » Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:20 pm

1906- Abe Attell W 15 Jimmy Walsh, Chelsea, MA. Regains World Featherweight Title.

1908- Packey McFarland W 10 Freddie Welsh, Milwaukee. Lightweight Bout.

1910- Ad Wolgast KO 40 Battling Nelson, Richmond, CA. Wins World Lightweight Title.

1910- Frankie Conley KO 42 Monte Attell, Vernon, CA. Wins World Bantamweight Title. The 19-year-old Conley dominates from the start.

1912- Johnny Kilbane W 20 Abe Attell, Vernon, CA. Wins World Featherweight Title.

1937- Sixto Escobar W 15 Lou Salica, San Juan. Retains World Bantamweight Title.

1941- Tony Zale KO 14 Steve Mamakos, Chicago. Retains NBA World Middleweight Title.

1951- Archie Moore KO 9 Jimmy Bivins, NYC. Heavyweight Bout. Moore weighed 176 1/2; Bivins 180 1/2.

1960- Fighting Harada KO 4 Isami Masui, Tokyo. Flyweight Bout. Harada’s pro debut.

1961- Dave Charnley W 15 Fernand Nollet, Streatham, London, England. Retains EBU European Lightweight Title.

1961- Luis Rodriguez KO 5 Lyle Mackin, Oakland, CA. Welterweight Bout.

1961- Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) KO 5 Donnie Fleeman, Miami Beach. FL. Heavyweight Bout.

1963- Jesus Pimentel KO 2 Danny Moran, Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. Bantamweight Bout.

1964- Johnny Famechon KO 7 Johnny Evans, Melbourne, Victoria, Mexico. Featherweight Bout.

1964- Ismael Laguna KO 7 Oripes dos Santos, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Featherweight Bout.

1964- Johnny "Pep" Persol W 10 Eddie Cotton, New York, NT. Light Heavyweight Bout.

1965- Mitsunori Seki KO 5 Shigeo Shioyama, Tokyo, Japan. Non-title Featherweight Bout. Seki's OPBF featherweight title was not on the line.

1967- Joe Frazier KO 6 Doug Jones, Philagelphia, PA. Heavyweight Bout.

1967- Elmer Rush KO 4 Amos Johnson, San Francisco, CA. Heavyweight Bout.

1967- Sugar Ray Anderson KO 2 Johnny Goree, San Francisco, CA. Light Heavyweight Bout. Anderson improves to 11-0 with 7 KOs.

1967- Mark Tessman W 10 Al Franklin, Beaumont, TX. Light Heavyweight Bout. Tessman improves to 8-0 with 3 KOs.

1968- Franco Zurlo W 12 Antonio Sassarini, Brindisi, Puglia, Italy. Retains Italian Bantamweight Title.

1969- Elisha Obed KO 5 Cornbread Rhamina, Nassau, Bahamas. Welterweight Bout.

1987- Carlos De Leon KO 4 Angelo Rottoli, Bergamo, Italy. Retains WBC World Cruiserweight Title.

1987- Bobby Czyz KO 2 Willie Edwards, Atlantic City. Retains IBF World Light Heavyweight Title.

1989- Dennis Andries KO 5 Tony Willis, Tuscon. Wins vacant WBC World Light Heavyweight Title.

1998- Juan Carlos Gomez W 12 Marcelo Dominguez, Mar Del Plata, Argentina. Wins WBC World Cruiserweight Title.

1998- Nana Konadu KO 2 Abraham Torres, Mar Del Plata, Argentina. Retains WBA World Bantamweight Title.

1998- Khalid Rahilou W 12 Jean Baptiste-Mendy, Paris. Retains WBA World Super Lightweight Title.

2002- Yoddamrong Sithyodthong W 12 Yober Ortega, Dankhunthod, Thailand. Wins WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

2002- Yodsanan 3-K Battery (later known as Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai) KO 1 Boubaker, Dankhunthod, Thailand. Non-title Super Featherweight Bout. Yodsanan's PABA Super Featherweight title was not on the line.

2002- Saen Sor Ploenchit W10 Richard Carrillo, Dankhunthod, Thailand. Bantamweight Bout.

2002- Yokthai Sithoar KO 2 Edwen Gastador, Dankhunthod, Thailand. Bantamweight Bout.

2003- Wayne Braithwaite KO 4 Ravea Springs, Miami. Retains WBC World Cruiserweight Title.

2003- Hussein Hussein W 10 Wndee Chor Chareon (later known as Wandee Singwancha), Northbridge, Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Flyweight Bout.

2003- Marco Antonio Rubio KO 1 Paulino Avitia, Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico. Retains Mexican Super Welterweight Title.

2003- Julio Cesar Miranda W 6 Regulo Gamez, Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Flyweight Bout. Miranda improves to 5-1 with 1 KO.

2004- Joe Calzaghe KO 7 Mger Mkrtchian, Cardiff, Wales. Calzaghe retains WBO Super Middleweight Title and improves to 37-0 (30).

2004- Enzo Maccarinelli KO 8 Gerry Delaney, Cardiff, Wales. Retains WBU Cruiserweight Title.

2004- Hugo Hernan Garay W 12 Sergio Martin Beaz, Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argentina. Wins South American Light Heavyweight Title.

2004- Roberto David Arrieta W 12 Javier Osvaldo Alvarez, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Wins Vacant South American Interim Lightweight Title.

2004- Jorge Fernando Castro KO 2 Arturo Rivera, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Non-title Cruiserweight Bout. Castro's South American Cruiserweight title was not on the line.

2004- Robert Stieglitz KO 7 Galen Brown, Aschersleben, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. Wins Vacant IBF Youth Super Middleweight Title.

2004- Jan Zaveck W 8 Nikita Zaytsev, Aschersleben, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. Welterweight Bout. Zaveck improves to 10-0 with 6 KOs.

2004- Manabu Fukushima W 10 Yokthai Sothoar, Tokyo, Japan. Super Bantamweight Bout.

2004- Ali Funeka W 12 Gabriel Phakula, East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Wins Vacant South African Junior Lightweight Title.

2004- Nkosinathi Joyi KO 2 Thembinkosi Blou, East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Miminmumweight Bout.

2005- Alexander "Sasha" Bakhtin W 10 Ryuichi Minoriyama, Tokyo, Japan. Retains Japanese Bantamweight Title.

2005- Koki Kameda KO 1 Yodkeng Singwancha, Tokyo, Japan. Flyweight Bout. Kameda improves to 6-0 with 5 KOs.

2007- Fahsan 3-K Battery KO 4 Daniel Diolan, Bangkok, Thailand. Non-title Junior Featherweight Bout. Fahsan's IBF Pn Pacific Junior Featherweight title was not on the line.

2007- Hector David Saldivia KO 4 Amilcar Edgardo Funes Melian, Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina. Wins Vacant WBO Latino Welterweight Title.

2007- Julio Cesar Vasquez KO 1 Luis Ariel Rojas, Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina. Middleweight Bout.

2008- Zaurbek Baysangurov W 10 Gheorghe Danut, Kiev, Ukraine. Non-title Super Welterweight Bout; Baysangurov's EBU European Super Welterweight title was not on the line.

2009- Kelly Pavlik KO 9 Marco Antonio Rubio, Youngstown, OH. Retains Lineal, WBC, WBO, and Ring Magazine World Middleweight Titles.

2009- Miguel Cotto KO 5 Michael Jennings, NYC. Wins Vacant WBO World Welterweight Title.

2010- Ryo Miyazaki Tech. Draw 4 Suguru Takizawa, Osaka, Osaka, Japan. Retains Japanese Light Flyweight Title.

Born On This Day

1952- Elisha Obed (born in Nassau, Bahamas)
Bahamian boxer at middleweight considered to be one of the greatest fighters to ever to come out of the Bahamas.
Obed entered the amateur ranks at age 12. Fighting almost weekly, he ran up an undefeated record of 46-0 (16 knockouts). At 14, he decided to turn professional.
For almost 6 years, he lingered on small promotions on the island of the Bahamas. He was billed as undefeated, but in reality, he had lost a fight by knockout to veteran Kid Carew. His loss to Kid Carew was unlisted for almost 8 years, as he was reported incorrectly as undefeated in the press until his loss to Eckhard Dagge.
Veteran trainer, manager, and promoter Moe Fleischer traveled to Nassau to "check-out" this upcoming prospect. Mike Dundee, son of Angelo Dundee came in as his manager.
Soon after Obed was fighting main events. He earned a top ten ranking by knocking out former title contender Bunny Grant. Obed made his U.S. debut in Florida. Knocked out every top middleweight boxer in Florida in the early 1970s, including state Champion Dennis Riggs and former champion Jimmy Williams.
In 1975 he captured the WBC Light Middleweight Title by defeating Miguel de Oliveira. He defended the title twice before losing the belt to Germany's Eckhard Dagge in 1976 when he quit, claiming he had blurred vision. Obed stated that he had been thumbed in the eye by Dagge. In actuality, he was later found to have a detached retina and is legally blind in that eye.
Obed decided to enter the middleweight ranks. By 27, he was back to where he started from, fighting on local fight cards in Nassau. He retired in 1988.

1975- Sergio Martinez (born Sergio Gabriel Martinez in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Argentine Middleweight professional boxer based in Oxnard, California. He is the current Ring World Middleweight Champion, and the former WBC World Middleweight titlist, he is also the former WBC Super Welterweight Champion. Ring Magazine currently rates Martinez as the number three pound-for-pound boxer in the world. In addition, The Ring Magazine also named Sergio Martinez their 2010 Fighter of the Year.
Martinez, a former professional cyclist and soccer player, only began boxing at the age of 20. His professional record consists of 46 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws. The most notable of his wins came against Kelly Pavlik, a fight in which he became the Middleweight champion, and his second-round knockout victory of Paul "The Punisher" Williams on November 20, 2010 in a rematch of their first bout.
Martinez had his first professional fight on December 27, 1997 in Ituzaingo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The opponent for his professional debut, Cristian Marcelo Vivas, was disqualified in the second round, giving Martinez his first win. Martinez fought the first 17 fights of his career in his native Argentina, compiling a record of 16-0-1.
After facing a relatively low level of opposition for his first 17 fights in Argentina, Martinez fought overseas for the first time, travelling to the United States to face Antonio Margarito. The fight took place on February 19, 2000 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The contest started badly for Martinez as Margarito scored a knockdown in the first round. Although Martinez recovered and had some success in the early rounds, he was hurt by a number of punches in round 7 leading to a stoppage by the referee, thus handing Martinez his first loss.
Martinez claimed the interim WBC Light Middleweight title on October 4, 2008, beating Alex Bunema via an eighth round retirement. On February 14, 2009 Martinez fought to a majority draw against Puerto Rican Kermit Cintron. The fight was controversial for a number of reasons; during the seventh round Martinez knocked Cintron down with a clean left hand shot, the referee reached the count of ten and waved the fight off. However, this was disputed by Cintron, who claimed that the knockdown was a result of a headbutt. Cintron's protestations led to the referee overturning his decision and the fight continued. The fight went the twelve round distance and the scorecards revealed a draw, many ringside observers felt that the decision was a robbery and that Martinez easily outboxed Cintron and should have gained the victory.
On May 21, 2009, WBC Light Middleweight champion Vernon Forrest was stripped of his title due to a rib injury that would leave him out of action indefinitely. Because of the injury and his inability to fight Sergio Martinez, Martinez's interim title was upgraded to full WBC Title status.
On December 5, 2009 Martinez fought Paul Williams in a non-title Middleweight bout at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall. Both boxers traded knockdowns in an opening round of a contest that has been described as a fight of the year candidate.[7] The next two rounds were heavily in Martinez's favor as he hit Williams with barrages of counter punches. Rounds 4-7 showed Williams coming back effectively landing hard lefts to the head of Martinez. In rounds 8-11 Martinez again confused Williams by using different varieties of punches including straight lead lefts to the body followed by right hooks to the head and straight lefts to the face. The 12th and final round showed much fatigue in Martinez and Williams but the fighters fought through to the end. Williams won a close majority decision over Martinez with the judges scoring: Pierre Benoist 119-110 for Williams, Lynn Carter 115-113 for Williams and Julie Lederman 114-114. Afterward both fighters expressed interest in a possible rematch.
After an impressive performance against Paul "The Punisher" Williams, Sergio Martinez stayed at Middleweight and challenged the World Champion Kelly Pavlik. The fight took place in Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall on April 17, 2010. Martinez defeated Pavlik via unanimous decision in a bout which saw Martinez overcome an early knockdown to subsequently dominate the late rounds. Pavlik had cuts above both eyes for several rounds which did not stop bleeding; he said they affected his vision and performance. Although there was a rematch clause in the contract, Pavlik chose not to enforce it, stating his desire to move up in weight.
The victory over Pavlik earned Martinez the Middleweight Championship of the WBC, The Ring and the WBO.
Martínez after defending his title against Paul Williams at the Boardwalk Hall in November, 2010.
With Martinez winning the Middleweight championship, he was required to make some decisions regarding his conflicting WBC Super Welterweight (Light Middleweight) title. The sanctioning organizations for boxing recognize that boxers may choose to move up or down in the weight categories, yet they also wish to make all championship belts available to challenge. As such, their rules prohibit a fighter from simultaneously holding belts in multiple divisions. This prohibition includes holding a title with one sanctioning organization while also holding a title in a different weight class with a different organization. Eight weeks after the Pavlik fight, when Martinez failed to announce a preference to be a Super Welterweight or a Middleweight champion (the WBO rules allow ten days to decide), the WBO stripped him of their Middleweight title. A week later, Martinez did inform the WBC that he was willing to vacate their Super Welterweight title and maintain his WBC Middleweight belt.
On November 20, 2010, Sergio got a chance to avenge his loss to Williams. Martinez was ranked fourth pound for pound, while Willams was No. 3. Many speculated that this would be a fight of the year candidate. Approximately one minute into the second round, Martinez knocked Williams out with an over-the-top left hand to retain his title. The knockout was called by many as the knockout of the year. Williams stated to Max Kellerman after the fight, "He caught me with a punch I did not see."
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ScapposeJohn commenting on Shane Mosely possibly being unaware he was taking PED's wrote: Likewise. It reminds me of President Clinton saying that he smoked weed in college but never inhaled. Yeah..........right.

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Post by KSTAT124 » Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:46 pm


February 21, 2011-

Blitar, Indonesia-

Former IBF world mini-flyweight champion Muhammad Rachman snapped a four-bout losing streak by stopping fellow Indonesian Marti Polii in the eighth round.

In his next bout, on April 19, 2011, Rachman knocked out previously undefeated defending champion Kwanthai Sithmorseng in the ninth round to win the WBA world minimumweight title.

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Post by DBO » Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:56 pm

1987- Bobby Czyz KO 2 Willie Edwards, Atlantic City. Retains IBF World Light Heavyweight Title.

Czyz was a solid fighter throughout his whole career. Even when he was ranked first, I never saw him as the best though. He was, however, a pretty good boxing commentator afterward. I met Czyz during my trip to the boxing hall of fame while he was golfing.

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Post by KSTAT124 » Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:37 pm


February 21, 1956-

Sacramento, California-

Hometown favorite and future World lightweight title challenger Joey Lopes (35-10-2) won a 10-round, unanimous decision over journeyman Gaby Macias (24-28-4) of Stockton, California.

Miami Beach, Florida-

Middleweight Al Andrews (38-16-2) of St. Paul, Minnesota unanimously outpointed light heavyweight Billy Kilgore (35-21-4) of Deland, Florida over 10 rounds. Kilgore was best known for his April 14, 1954 upset 10-round, split decision over former World middleweight champion and future Hall of Famer (IBHOF, WBHF) Jake LaMotta.

Kansas City, Missouri-

Middleweight Jesse Turner (37-21-6) of St. Louis, Missouri won the 10-round main event by unanimously outpointing light heavyweight prospect LeRoy Green (7-4-1) of Kansas City.

On the undercard, Topeka, Kansas lightweight Bobby Bickle (31-8-2) stopped Leo Carter (4-6) of Indianapolis, Indiana in the third round of a scheduled 10-rounder. This was the second time Bickle had halted Carter in the third round. The first came on January 20, 1955. Two of Carter's other defeats had been to future World featherweight champion and future World Boxing Hall of Fame inductee Davey Moore and former two-time World featherweight champion and future Hall of Famer (IBHOF, WBHF) Willie Pep.

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