February 27th

Same day events that happened in boxing history
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February 27th

Post by straycat » Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:42 am

1943- Sugar Ray Robinson was inducted into the United States Army, where he was again referred to as Walker Smith. Robinson had a short 15 month military career. Robinson served with Joe Louis, and the pair went on tours where they performed exhibition bouts in front of US troops. Robinson got into trouble several times while in the military. He argued with superiors who he felt were discriminatory against him, and refused to fight exhibitions when he was told African American soldiers were not allowed to watch them. In late March, 1944, Robinson was stationed at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, waiting to ship out to Europe, where he was scheduled to perform more exhibition matches. But on March 29, Robinson disappeared from his barracks. When he woke up on April 5th in Fort Jay Hospital on Governor's Island, he had missed his sailing for Europe and was under suspicion of deserting. He himself reported falling down the stairs in his barracks on the 29th, but said that he had complete amnesia, and he could not remember any events from that moment until the 5th. According to his file, a stranger had found him in the street on the 1st of April and helped him to a hospital. In his examination report, a doctor at Fort Jay concluded that Robinson's version of events was sincere. He was examined by military authorities, who claimed he suffered from a mental deficiency.[16] Robinson was granted an honorable discharge on June 3, 1944. He later wrote that unfair press coverage of the incident had "branded" him as a "deserter." Robinson maintained his close friendship with Louis from their time in military service, and the two went into business together after the war. They planned to start a liquor distribution business in New York City, but were denied a license due to their race.
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Post by straycat » Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:51 pm

1902- Harry Forbes W 15 Tommy Feltz, St. Louis. Retains World Bantamweight Title. (Also retains American title at 115 pounds.)

1903- Harry Forbes W 10 Andy Tokell, Detroit. Retains World Bantamweight Title.

1903- Sam Langford W 10 Luther Manual, Boston. Lightweight Bout. Langford's first 10-rounder; he improves to 3-0-2 with 1 ND and 2 wins by knockout. His two draws had been with Manual.

1919- Joe Beckett KO 5 Bombardier Billy Wells, Holborn, London, England. Retains British Heavyweight Title/Wins British Empire Heavyweight Title.

1919- Mike Gibbons KO 3 Billy Kramer, Scranton, PA. Middleweight Bout.

1929- Jack Sharkey W 10 Young Stribling, Miami. Wins American Heavyweight Title Eliminator.

1936- Ernie Roderick W 15 Ivor Pickens, Liverpool, England. Wins British Welterweight Title Eliminator.

1948- Ike Williams W 10 Kid Gavilan, NYC. Non-title bout (Williams' World Lightweight title was not on the line. Williams weighed in at 136 1/2; Gavilan at 141 1/2.)

1956- Archie Moore KO 1 Bob Dunlap, San Diego, CA. Non-title Heavyweight Bout (Moore's World Light Heavyweight title was not on the line.)

1962- Sandro Lopopolo W 8 Sergio "Sesto" Righeschi, Ascoli Piceno, Marche, Italy. Junior Welterweight Bout.

1962- Harold Gomes KO 2 Paul Alba, Houston, TX. Junior Lightweight Bout.

1971- Vicente Rondon KO 6 Jimmy Dupree, Caracas. Wins vacant WBA World Light Heavyweight Title.

1975- Ishimatsu "Guts" Suzuki W 15 Ken Buchanan, Tokyo. Retains WBC World Lightweight Title.

1976- Alfonso Lopez KO 15 Erbito Salavarria, Quezon City, Philippines. Wins WBA World Flyweight Title.

1988- Bernardo Pinango W 12 Julio Gervacio, San Juan. Wins WBA World Super Bantamweight Title.

1991- Welcome Ncita W 12 Baby Sugar Rojas, Saint Vincent, Italy. Retains IBF World Junior Featherweight Title.

1993- Sung-Il Moon KO 1 Hilario Zapata, Seoul, South Korea. Retains WBC World Super Flyweight Title.

1998- Chatchai Dutchboy Gym (AKA Chatchai Elite Gym; later known as Chatchai Sasakul) W 12 Yong Jin Kim, Suwat Thani, Thailand. Retains Lineal and WBC World Flyweight Titles.

1999- Reggie Johnson W 12 Will Taylor, Miami. Retains IBF World Light Heavyweight Title.

1999- Sven Ottke KO 3 Giovanni Nardiello, Berlin. Retains IBF World Super Middleweight Title.

1999- Stevie Johnston W 12 Cesar Bazan, Miami. Regains WBC World Lightweight Title.

2006- Masamori Tokuyama W 12 Jose Navarro, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBC World Super Flyweight Title.

2009- Tomasz Adamek KO 8 Johnathon Banks, Newark, New Jersey. Retains IBF and Ring Magazine World Cruiserweight Titles (does not claim Banks' IBO Cruiserweight title which becomes vacant).

2010- Rodel Mayol Tech. Draw 3 Omar Nino, Guadalajara, Mexico. Retains WBC World Light Flyweight Title.

2010- Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr. KO 4 Marvin Sonsona, Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Wins Vacant WBO World Junior Featherweight Title.

2010- Kaizer Mabuza KO 6 Kendall Holt, Atlantic City. Wins IBF World Junior Welterweight Title Eliminator.

Born On This Day

1956- Bash Ali (born Bashiru Ali in Lagos, Nigeria)
Regional and Minor Titles Won
* December 03, 1980, USBA Cruiserweight Title
* June 19, 1985, NABF Cruiserweight Title
* September 23, 1988, Nigerian Heavyweight Title
* February 23, 1990, WBC International Cruiserweight Title
* July 31, 1993, African Heavyweight Title
* September 11, 2000, WBF Cruiserweight Title
(From NigeriaSports.com August 08, 2004)
Bash Ali has retained his World Boxing Federation cruiser weight after his opponent Tony Booth from Britain threw in the towel after just three rounds in their scheduled 12 round encounter at the indoor sports hall of the National stadium, Lagos. Although the fight ended in the 3rd round when Tony Booth's corner threw in the towel, they were later to explain that Tony had slipped in his hotel bathroom and injured his ankle on the morning of the fight, but that he had to go out and fight in order not to let the teeming boxing fans down.
And the popular belief that the challenger was an unknown boxer and as such a push over, was however, easily wiped out in the first round as he stood and fought toe to toe with the Bash Ali and landing some solid punches sending packed hall cheering for more.
(From Vanguardngr.com October 22, 2005)
You started as a wrestler. How did you get into boxing?
Boxing was a total coincidence. I was a wrestler when I left Nigeria. In fact, I left on a wrestling scholarship. Mildred Burke Professional School of Wrestling in the USA gave me a scholarship and I left for America in September 1974. But when I got to USA, I saw the wrestlers, all 6feet 9inches, 400pounds, and here I was, 160pounds. I knew they would simply kill me. So, I went to school and was looking for work one day when I saw a poster of Mohamed Ali on the wall and I went in and saw two guys in boxing bout. So, I told the supervisor I would like to spar with one of them, and he told me to come the following day.
I'd seen Mohamed Ali, Ken Norton, George Foreman and Joe Frazier on TV. I was excited. But it was not as easy; the first guy I fought nearly killed me.
My first pro fight netted me just $400, and I nearly cried because I had promised my mother I was going to send her money to buy a car and do other things! The guy who fought in the main event netted close to $300,000. So, I decided to take up the sport full-time and also to work hard and be very good at it.

1958- Leo Randolph (born in Tacoma, Washington)
American boxer who won the Flyweight Gold medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics.
Randolph had an outstanding amateur career. Randolph was a product of the Tacoma Boys Club amateur program, along with fellow Olympic Gold Medalist Sugar Ray Seales, and future world champions Rocky Lockridge and Johnny Bumphus. Randolph was trained as an amateur and professional by Joe Clough, the head trainer at the Tacoma Boys Club. In 1975 he was the National Golden Gloves Flyweight champion. He was a National AAU flyweight champion, and was the 1976 Olympic Flyweight Gold Medalist.
Olympic Results were as follows:
* 1st round bye
* Defeated Massoudi Samatou (Togo) walkover
* Defeated Constantin Gruescu (Romania) 4-1
* Defeated David Larmour (Ireland) 4-1
* Defeated Leszek Błażyński (Poland) 4-1
* Defeated Ramón Duvalón (Cuba) 3-2
Professional career
Randolph turned pro in 1978 and had limited success. In 1980, he challenged Ricardo Cardona for the WBA Super Bantamweight Title and won via TKO in the 15th round. In his next fight, he lost his title to Sergio Victor Palma via TKO in the 5th. Randolph retired after the bout.
Leo now resides in his hometown of Tacoma. After boxing, he started working for the Pierce Transit public bus company in 1988. He works as a Transit Operator and supervisor.
* 2005 Inductee into the Tacoma-Pierce County Sports Hall of Fame

1971- Ivan Robinson (born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Boxer who has compiled a record of 36-12-2 (12 KOs) since becoming a professional in 1992. He attended Simon Gratz High School.
Robinson had been a lightweight and Junior Welterweight contender. He has been in several notable bouts, particularly his first victory over Arturo Gatti, a fight that was voted Fight of the Year by Ring magazine. Other notable bouts include his second bout with Gatti, (which he also won), and his 12 round whirlwind bout with then lightweight champion Phillip Holiday. Robinson fought on May 28, 2005, when he lost a 10-round unanimous decision to Julio César Chávez at Staples Center in Los Angeles.
He won the USBA and NABF lightweight titles over his career. Fans consider Robinson as a great sportsman, evidently when he bowed when he fought Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez and after his wars with Arturo Gatti.
Amateur career
Robinson had a stellar amateur career and was a national amateur champion. Some of his highlights are below:
* Featherweight Silver Medalist at 1990 Goodwill Games in Seattle, United States. Results were:
o Kirkor Kirkorov (Bulgaria) won on points
o Faat Gatin (Soviet Union) won by TKO 3
o Oscar de la Hoya (United States) lost on points
* 1991 United States Amateur Featherweight Champion
* 1991 World Championships in Sydney, Australia, competed as a Featherweight. Results were:
o Jose Fernandes (Portugal) won on points
o Duk-Kyu Park (South Korea) lost on points
* Attempted to qualify for the Olympics as a Featherweight at the 1992 Olympic Trials in competition at Worcester, MA. Results were:
o Kenneth Friday won on points
o Michael Clark won on points
o Julian Wheeler lost on points, in final
o Julian Wheeler lost on points, at Box-Offs in Phoenix, AZ
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ScapposeJohn commenting on Shane Mosely possibly being unaware he was taking PED's wrote: Likewise. It reminds me of President Clinton saying that he smoked weed in college but never inhaled. Yeah..........right.

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Post by KSTAT124 » Fri Mar 09, 2012 6:42 pm

February 27, 2011-

- Glenn Porras UD 12 Richard Pumicpic, Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines. Won Vacant Philippines Games & Amusement Board Bantamweight Title.

- Jae-Sung Lee MD 12 Rey Las Pinas, Mungyeong, South Korea. Won Vacant IBF Pan Pacific Junior Featherweight Title.

- Ji-Hoon Kim SD 10 Dong-Hyuk Kim, Mungyeong, South Korea. Won Vacant Korean Lightweight Title.

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Post by DBO » Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:44 am

1999- Reggie Johnson W 12 Will Taylor, Miami. Retains IBF World Light Heavyweight Title.

I was a big fan of Reggie. I was sad to see him get himself into legal issues right after his latest comeback looked promising. He should have been awarded decisions over Toney and Castro to become middleweight champion in three separate bouts. His KO of William Guthrie is still one of the most devastating I have seen. His last win over Julio Cesar Gonzalez was a surprise to many given his age and fall from relevancy.

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Re: February 27th

Post by KSTAT124 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 10:08 am


February 27, 1956-

Cardiff, Wales-

Future EBU European heavyweight champion Dick Richardson stopped Marcel Limage of Belgium in the 5th round of a scheduled 10-round bout.

San Diego, California, USA-

Exactly one week after outpointing heavyweight Howard King over ten rounds, World light heavyweight champion Archie Moore knocked out Bob Dunlap in the first round of a scheduled ten-round, non-title heavyweight bout.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA-

Middleweight Charley Joseph improved to 31-1-1 by stopping previously unbeaten Jimmy Beecham (13-1) in the 6th round of a scheduled 10-round match.

Bangor, Maine, USA-

Welterweight contender Vince Martinez unanimously outpointed Giampaolo Melis over ten rounds.

New York, New York, USA-

Featherweight contender Miguel Berrios won a 10-round, majority decision over Bobby Bell.

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