THE RING TOP 100 (as of Jan. 2007 edition)

The ring`s top 100
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THE RING TOP 100 (as of Jan. 2007 edition)

Post by KSTAT124 »

In the January 2007 edition of THE RING, Eric Raskin lists his admittedly "highly subjective" compilation of professional boxing's top 100 fighters today. Judging from the list, it was probably finished in the early part of September 2006.

In my opinion, it starts off well but does become controversial as it goes on.

Here we go:

1. Floyd Mayweather
2. Winky Wright
3. Manny Pacquiao
4. Jermain Taylor
5. Bernard Hopkins
6. Marco Antonio Barrera
7. Rafeal Marquez
8. Ricky Hatton
9. Jose Luis Castillo
10. Joe Calzaghe

11. Sugar Shane Mosley
12. Antonio Margarito
13. Diego Corales (note: obviously before he lost his WBC lightweight belt on the scales, then lost a 12-round, split decision to Joel Casamayor)
14. Pongsaklek Wonjongkam (note: Wonjongkam has defended his title against some worthy opponents but coasted in his 3 defenses leading to, tieing, and breaking Miguel Canto's record for most defenses by a flyweight champion. He has, however, since turned back the challenge of mandatory challenger Monelisi 'Showtime' Myekeni.)
15. Oscar De La Hoya
16. Erik Morales (note: before Pacquiao-Morales III)
17. Chris John
18. Juan Manuel Marquez
19. Israel Vazquez
20. Joel Casamayor (see #13)

21. Lorenzo Parra
22. Miguel Cotto
23. Jorge Arce
24. Kassim Ouma
25. Carlos Baldomir (note: before the Mayweather fight)
26. Antonio Tarver
27. Zab Judah
28. Mikkel Kessler (note: this was even before he KO'ed Markus Beyer in their WBA/WBC title unification bout.)
29. Cory Spinks
30. Roman Karmazin

31. Masamori Tokuyama
32. Humberto Soto
33. Juan Diaz
34. Rocky Juarez
35. Jesus Chavez
36. Oscar Larios (note: his last fight before this list was made up was his loss to Pacquiao. He has since stopped former super bantamweight contender Roberto Bonilla in a featherweight contest.)
37. Nobuo Nashiro
38. Martin Castillo
39. Hozumi Hasegawa (note: the question Raskin raised whether Hasegawa's two wins over longtime champion Veeraphol Sahaprom proved he was "that good or that Veerapol (sic) had simply grown old" was answered when Hasegawa defeated mandatory challenger Genaro Garcia November 13.)
40. O'Neil Bell

41. Vernon Forrest
42. Ike Quartey
43. Ivan Calderon
44. Vic Darchinyan
45. Roberto Vasquez
46. Julio Diaz
47. Acelino Freitas
48. Verno Phillips
49. Zsolt Erdei [note: Raskin writes that Erdei "made his fourth, fifth, and sixth defenses of fringe 175-pound title, two of them easy, one of them not. The easy ones came against little known Paul murdoch (KO 10) and solid Thomas Ulrich (W 12). The scare came against Frenchman Mehdi Sahnoune, who gave the Hungarian hell before falling in the 12th round of an even fight." Raskin then writes that Erdei "can go the Dariusz Michalczewski route- keep scoring wins over second-tier contenders in Germany..." If Ulrich was "solid" and Erdei had a tough defense against former WBA champion Sahnoune, he does seem to be doing more than just fighting second-tier contenders (like Murdoch).]
50. Clinton Woods

51. Glen Johnson
52. Joan Guzman
53. Somsak Sithchatchawal (note: prior to him being stopped in 3 by Celestino Caballero)
54. Luis Collazo
55. Zahir Raheem
56. Junior Witter
57. Edwin Valero
58. Yutaka Niida (note: Niida struggled and was lucky to get a technical win over Eriberto Gejon while Niida's WBC couterpart Eagle Kyowa beat Rodel Mayol rather handily. Most rate Mayol higher than Gejon yet Kyowa is nowhere to be found in the Top 100.)
59. Jhonny Gonzalez
60. Juan Lazcano

61. Sergei Dzindziruk
62. Jorge Barrios
63. Roy Jones Jr.
64. Carlos 'Famoso' Hernandez (note: announced retirement after losing to Kevin Kelley, September 28)
65. Arthur Abraham
66. Luis Perez (note: before he lost his IBF junior bantamweight title on the scales)
67. Daniel Santos
68. Fernando Montiel
69. Alexander Munoz
70. Tomasz Adamek

71. Vivian Harris
72. Wladimir Klitschko
73. Rodolfo Lopez
74. Javier Castillejo
75. Takashi Koshimoto (note: Raskin writes that Koshimoto "is considering retirement"; actually he announced his retirement after losing to Rodolfo Lopez July 30)
76. In Jin Chi
77. Scott Harrison
78. Celestino Caballero (see #53)
79. Guillermo Jones
80. Steve Cunningham (note: before he lost a 12-round, split decision to Krysztof Wlodarczyk, November 25.)

81. Jose Antonio Rivera
82. Oleg Maskaev
83. Jeff Lacy
84. Jean-Marc Mormeck
85. Samuel Peter
86. James Toney
87. Felix Sturm
88. Markus Beyer (note: Beyer announced his retirement after his October 14 KO-3 loss to Kessler)
89. Veeraphol Sahaprom (AKA Nakornluang)
90. Anthony Mundine

91. Sam Soliman
92. Kermit Cintron (note: before he beat Mark Suarez for the vacant IBF welterweight title)
93. Omar Narvaez
94. Jose Navarro
95. Isaac Hlatshwayo (note: before his November 3 UD-12 loss to Kendall Holt)
96. Silence Mabuza
97. Sergei Liakhovich (note: before his November 4 TKO-12 loss to Shannon Briggs)
98. Ricardo Mayorga
99. Paul Williams
100. DeMarcus 'Chop Chop' Corley

That's it. There are certainly questions to be raised. Read the list, let it sink in, and then "post" away!!

NOTE: any "note" above is from me. Those are not, unless indicated, from Eric Raskin.

Edit: to correct typographical errors.
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Post by USMILMAN »

There is too much to go over, but.....

Calderon is only 43rd, and behind forrest and quartey????????? Come on now. And Vic Darchinyan is right behind him? Kind of weird!

Cintron is ahead of Paul Williams? I know they are in their respective primes and IMO Williams destroys Cintron!

And the best heavy is #72 (Wlad). What a sad showing for heavyweights!

This is really why I don't like PFP lists. Too many WTFs!
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Post by Tommy »

Did they draw the names out of a hat?
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Post by charlie075479 »

what a shit list LOL, love him or hate him, how the fuck can Valuev be behind James Tony and Waladamir Klitschko? UNDEFEATED world champ and not even on the list??? yeah I know he aint the only one missing, but if he aint on there, tony and Klit shouldnt be either IMO
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Post by Underweartaker »

Why is Wlad below Vivian Harris?
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Post by boxingfan1984 »

Is this a p4p list? If so then how is Toney not higher? He is very competitive at heavyweight and is a natural middleweight. I dont quite think that RJJ needs to be as high as 63.
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Post by Gsizzle »

good looking kstat

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Post by small_draws »

WAR CHOP CHOP...hmm nvm

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