THE RING TOP 100 (as of Jan. 2008 edition)

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THE RING TOP 100 (as of Jan. 2008 edition)

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In the January 2008 edition of THE RING (which hit the newsstands October 30), contributing editor Eric Raskin has again ranked his Top 100 boxers. The rankings were compiled some time in September. They include fights from the early part of the month and some but not all from mid-month.

Here they are (with the ratings from last year shown after their names):

1. Floyd Maywather (1)
2. Manny Pacquiao (3).....does not include his 10/12 UD 12 over Marco Antonio Barrera
3. Juan Manuel Marquez (18).....note: Marquez scored a convincing UD 12 over Rocky Juarez on 11/3
4. Bernard Hopkins (5)
5. Israel Vazquez (19)
6. Winky Wright (2)
7. Rafael Marquez (7)
8. Joe Calzaghe (10).....note: Calzaghe posted a masterful UD 12 win over #14 Mikkel Kessler on 11/3
9. Ricky Hatton (8)
10. Miguel Cotto (22)

11. Marco Antonio Barrera (6).....does not include Barrera's 10/6 UD 12 loss to #2 ranked Manny Pacquiao or his subsequent retirement
12. Jermain Taylor (4).....does not include his 9/29 TKO-7 loss to Kelly Pavlik
13. Shane Mosley (11)
14. Mikkel Kessler (28).....see #8
15. Oscar De La Hoya (15)
16. Chris John (17)
17. Joel Casamayor (20)
18. Paul Williams (99)
19. Antonio Margarito (12)
20. Ivan Calderon (43)

21. Juan Diaz (33).....does not include his 10/13 TKO-9 over Julio Diaz
22. Vernon Forrest (41)
23. Kelly Pavlik (not rated).....see #12
24. Arthur Abraham (65)
25. Cory Spinks (29)
26. Humberto Soto (32)
27. Joan Guzman (52)
28. Martin Castillo (38).....does not include his 10/26 UD 10 over Jonathan Perez
29. Hozumi Hasegawa (39)
30. Alexander Munoz (69).....does not include his 9/24 UD 12 over Kuniyuki Aizawa

31. Cristian Mijares (not rated).....does not include his 10/20 TKO-1 over Franck Gorjux
32. Nonito Donaire (not rated)
33. Daisuke Naito (not rated).....does not include his 10/11 UD 12 over Daiki Kameda
34. Pongsaklek Wonjongkam (14).....interesting- Wonjongkam falls 20 places for losing to Naito, a perennial top ten flyweight contender, and Margarito only falls 7, remaining in the top 20, for losing to Williams.....note: Wonjongkam returned to action with a "stay active" UD 8 over Ric Migreno on 10/24
35. Julio Diaz (46).....see #21
36. Zab Judah (27)
37. Junior Witter (56)
38. Roman Karmazin (30)
39. Takefumi Sakata (not rated)
40. Chad Dawson (not rated).....does not include his 9/29 TKO-4 over Epifanio Mendoza

41. Hugo Cazares (not rated)
42. Nobuo Nashiro (37)
43. Zsolt Erdei (49).....strange- Raskin points out that Erdei's defenses in 2007 were against two undistinguished challengers, Danny Santiago and George Blades, but moves him up 6 places.....Raskin also implies Erdei's taking a page out of Sven Ottke's book but does the analogy hold true? Ottke fought a few undeserving challengers but the great majority had earned their shots. The knock against Ottke was the half-dozen or so tainted decisions he was awarded. Erdei has made 8 defenses, 4 were against undeniably deserving challengers, one was against a borderline top ten challenger who had been a bona fide contender in the past, and 3 came against questionably ranked contenders. Erdei has won two close decisions, both against Hugo Garay (a deserving challenger). He won a majority decision the first time and a split decision the second. He does not have a reputation for receiving gift decisions.
44. Antonio Tarver (26)
45. Clinton Woods (50).....does not include his 9/29 UD 12 over Julio Gonzalez
46. Glen Johnson (51)
47. Ulises Solis (not rated)
48. Jean-Marc Mormeck (48)
49. O'Neil Bell (40)
50. Edwin Valero (50)

51. Jorge Arce (23)
52. Kassim Ouma (24).....obviously does not include his 11/2 SD 10 loss to Saul Roman
53. Celestino Caballero (78)
54. Luis Perez (66).....does not include his 9/29 IBF bantamweight title-losing TKO-7 at the fists of Joseph Agbeko
55. Wladimir Klitschko (72)
56. Yutaka Niida (58)
57. Omar Narvaez (93).....does not include his 9/14 TKO-4 over Marlon Marquez (Raskin did mention it was scheduled and described it as "about as safe as they come.")
58. Roberto Vasquez (45)
59. Lorenzo Parra (21)
60. Vic Darchinyan (44).....does not include his 10/20 TKO-12 over Federico Catubay

61. Sergei Dzindziruk (61)
62. Kermit Cintron (92)
63. Fernando Montiel (68).....does not include his 10/4 TKO-12 over Luis Melendez
64. Roy Jones (63)
65. Daniel Ponce De Leon....mentioned up-coming bout with Reynaldo Lopez.....Ponce De Leon KO'ed Lopez in 5 9/28 in a non-title bout
66. Jorge Barrios (62)
67. Steve Cunningham (not rated)
68. Gerry Penalosa (not rated)
69. Samuel Peter (85).....does not include his 10/6 UD 12 over Jameel McCline in which he had to beat the count 3 times
70. Felix Sturm (87).....mentioned his scheduled mandatory vs. Randy Griffin.....Sturm and Griifin fought to a draw 10/20

71. Anthony Mundine (90)
72. Paulie Malignaggi (not rated)
73. David Diaz (not rated)
74. Joshua Clottey (not rated)
75. Jorge Linares (not rated)
76. Vivian Harris (71).....DOES include his 9/7 KO-7 loss to Junior Witter (#37)
77. Luis Collazo (54)
78. Nate Campbell (not rated)
79. Steve Molitor (not rated)
80. Veeraphol Sahaprom (89)

81. Joachim Alcine (not rated)
82. Travis Simms (not rated)
83. Tomasz Adamek (70)
84. Jeff Lacy (83)
85. Robert Guerrero (not rated).....note: TKO'ed Marin Honorio in the 1st round on 11/3
86. Lucian Bute (not rated).....mentions his scheduled challenge for the IBF title.....on 10/19, Bute won the title by TKO'ing defending champion Alejandro Berrio in the 11th round
87. Giovanni Segura (not rated).....does not include his impressive 10/26 KO-1 over Wilfrido Valdez
88. Oleg Maskaev (82)
89. Ruslan Chagaev (not rated)
90. Wladimir Sidorenko (not rated)

91. Ricardo Cordoba (not rated).....does not include his 9/22 TKO-5 over Danys Diaz
92. Edison Miranda (not rated).....does not include his 10/30 TKO-5 over Henry Porras
93. Eagle Kyowa (not rated).....Raskin mentions Eagle's upcoming defense against unbeaten Oleydong Sithsamerchai who he claims is "inexperienced at the world-class level." Sithsamerchai beat then unbeaten Omar "El Pastor" Soto in a WBC title eliminator and has wins over fighters who are experienced on the international scene and/or are or have been world-rated- Arman de la Cruz, Federico Catubay, the late Lito Sisnorio, Rollen Del Castillo, and Ryan Bito. The former "Kyowa" is now using his nickname "Eagle" in front of his given name- Den Janlaphan.
94. Verno Phillips (48)
95. Omar Nino (not rated)
96. Edgar Sosa (not rated).....DOES include his 9/16 TKO-9 over Lorenzo Trejo
97. Jose Luis Castillo (9).....does not include his 10/27 TKO-6 over Adan Casillas
98. Silence Mabuza (96)
99. Michael Katsidis (not rated)
100. David Haye (not rated)

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