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Mayweather stopped McGregor Saturday
Who started it? Beats me. Coulda been Floyd himself, or it could have been someone pitching it to Floyd. I'm thinking it started within the Boxing community though.

Practically all of the people following Boxing know Floyd isn't Floyd anymore. He talks like Floyd, he lives like Floyd, but he doesn't fight like Floyd. There are flashes of brilliance still, but he's not hungry like he used to be and he's old. Father Time is unbeaten.

So the question was who they could get into it that would have credibility and could generate money, but wouldn't press Floyd too hard or try to kill him.

McGregor was perfect. He's a striker, he's a human hype machine and a human highlight reel, and he loves spending money. He came from next to zilch. There's nothing he wouldn't do for a big payday. He's a prizefighter, emphasis on prize.

Long before we heard about it, representatives were meeting. Figuring out how long they would let it stew. Figuring out if both sides would 'play the role' properly. Figuring out if everyone was on board with it being a money-generating spectacle, NOT a grudge match.

The deal was made. They'd fight, provided enough buzz and money could be brought together to make it worthwhile. And while they'd do it up legit, Floyd wasn't going to try and stop him unless McGregor got stupid.

So they started gabbing, talking shit. Something both of them are pretty good at. Generating hype. Let it simmer a good long while, got casual fans clamoring for it.

Everyone knows that UFC uses a good dose of pro-wrestling psychology and gimmickry to sway the fans. It takes a carny to spot a carny, and wrestling personalities have called it out -- mostly in approving terms, since game recognizes game.

Getting the MMA fans on board was the easy part. Tell them McGregor's going to punch someone's face in, and they're hot and bothered. Getting enough boxing fans into it was probably the harder row to hoe. But they got that part done.

Now the fight is over. McGregor got Floyd's blood up with that little bit of stupidity in the middle rounds where he hit him from behind several times in a row. So Floyd had to make good on the unspoken promise, and 'give him a receipt' for that.

But even then, Floyd didn't knock him the fuck out. Byrd saw to that. Floyd showing some graciousness and not putting his lights out.

And as we saw from the cards, Floyd was never in any danger. He was going to win a clear but close decision even if McGregor didn't agitate him.

This event was planned from the beginning. The winner was predetermined. You, the fan, were manipulated into buying it (well, not us but anyways) and everyone involved in the planning and execution of the fight has made out like a bandit.

Goodnight, everyone! The circus will be packed up and gone before you wake.
Article By: J.J.Dillon